Osprey Chat Thread for September 2019 to the end of February 2020

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  • Many followers of the LG nest will have heard of Patrick Preston, who over many years, has written poetry about the LG nest.  The VC has now produced a Blog giving his poems.  There is an additional one posted in 2011 on the ringing of Tore and Bynack.

    In 2008 he wrote, which I find particularly poignant, given the title, and what eventually happened to him.:

    Who’d have a bigger sister 

    you wouldn’t out of choice.

    She’s pushy and she’s greedy

    and she’s got the loudest voice.


    I used to have a chance

    when I was second in the queue.

    But after titch gave up the ghost

    those chunks of fish were few.

    She’s only two days older

    but she thinks that she’s queen bee.


    “I’m bigger, better, nay – the best,

     just follow after me”.

    “I’ve flown across to that old tree

    why don’t you have a try?”

    “Give me some space to flap my wings –

    I’ll show you I can fly”.

    When I can fly I’ll learn to fish

    before she gets the knack.


    Then what I catch I’ll eat myself

    and not bring any back.

    When she gets older and comes back

    to find herself a mate.

    He’ll be hen pecked all the season

    but I’ll leave him to his fate.

    By Patrick Preston

    Operation Osprey Volunteer

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