Weekly chat (non osprey) Sunday 1st September 2019

  • How annoying, Heather :-(

    We also need a boiler replacement, as I think I've said. Now I'm beginning to worry that when we need to put the heating on, it will go "bang!" and cease to be. We have the electric fire on, on "low" tonight.

    Had to put the lights on earlier tonight, OG :-(

  • Safe travels Annette. Always good to meet up with old friends. Is it a long time since you have seen them?

    I hope you can find someone more congenial to fit you a new boiler Heather. We do not need patronising.
    Definitely a nip in the air tonight! Usually we get a lovely warm spell when the children go back to school.

    My granddaughter started at her new school in this country last week. She was very anxious and so were we. She had not been able to visit the school, as she did not arrive here until the term had finished, It is a fee paying school, because her mother was not allowed to see a state school when she visited earlier in the summer, as she did not have an address here, I realise there is pressure on schools, but it is not unknown for families to move house from other areas, even from other countries.
    It is a girls school, which the g daughter was not very pleased about, as she is what we used to call a tomboy, and likes to play with boys . Unfortunately, one of her favourites at the Cincinnati school told her that he could not be seen playing with girls any more. Life is tough when you are ten!
    The first day seemed to go well, but hopefully we will find out more tomorrow. I think she will find this school more formal than she is used to.
  • STARTING NEW THREAD NOW -- I'm a little early, sorry.