Weekly chat (non osprey) Sunday 1st September 2019

  • Thanks Mike. But I am three years out of date :-(
  • Hope I have fixed it......
  • Hello! Are we really here? Well done HEATHER!

    Went to church, but soon left as I started reacting to a HUGE Lily among the flowers! so OH is using the time to mow the lawns. Hope he remembers to come in, I am hungry - I ate a banana and a croissant for breakfast - not my favourite foods! I love croissants with brie and/or bacon, but not as they come, and as for bananas, they grow them too big these days. So I don't really feel as if I had breakfast!
  • Thanks, OG - I'm not very confident with the computer as you know but with a gentle nudge from MIKE - I got there!

    Sorry about the lily - I hope that EE will have come in by now and that you have had lunch. I've just eaten an M and S mini meal - roast lamb to which I added broccoli. After seeing ready made sandwiches made with brie and cranberry sauce I have added it to my list of home made snacks.
  • Morning all and thank you to Heather for starting us off - you're not just a pretty face!  And thanks too to Mike for his apparent helping hand.  :-)

    OG: Hope the lily allergy is sorted.   I like chocolate croissants but daren't get too close to them.

  • Soon recovered when I got out into fresh air, and been okay since. Rain stopped mowing so I did get fed at lunchtime - and since then a chicken dinner. More showers in the afternoon, so second and third lawns (my word that makes them sound grand!) didn't get mown. We thought weather was erratic a few weeks ago but is much more changeable and unreliable now! A lot of summer jobs have not been done - maybe we shall have some good weather when the English kids go back to school!
  • Well done Heather for starting the week, and thanks to Mike.

    Glad that you recovered quickly from the lily attack, OG. I wonder if anyone else was affected.

    No rain today here. We need some. We had a little yesterday, but nothing to write home about (as my mother used to say) I find myself quoting my mother more and more! Some things sound very odd now.
  • Evening all: Got a lot done today, so why is there still more to do?
  • Please ignore my attempt to start this week - I didn't see this - Doh!