DYFI OSPREY PROJECT – August 2019 to end of February 2020

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The season so far:   Telyn (Blue 3J) arrived back 30 March and Monty on 1 April.  Telyn laid 3 eggs 17, 20 and 23 April hatching 26, 27 and 29 May.    The three chicks were ringed and named on 28 June as follows: #1 Blue KA1 (F) “Berthyn”,   #2 Blue KA2 (M) “Peris” and #3 Blue KA3 (M) “Hesgyn”.    Peris aged 52 days fledged first on 18 July followed by Berthyn aged 54 days on 20 July and finally Hesgyn aged 53 days fledged on 21 July.

August has now arrived and the migration window opens.  Teyln and Monty have done a fantastic job raising these three beautiful young ospreys ensuring they have had the best start in life to undertake their first migration.   So until such times they go their independent ways and head off south, enjoy!

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