Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019

  • Thanks, Diane - hope things are going well for you....

  • LINDA - how wonderful - a complete little package!

    More tomorrow - had a busy garden day today.
  • Thanks OG - she was just wearing a vest & nappy, as the midwife wanted to weigh her. She had, of course, lost a little weight as was expected. The babygro wrapped around her is an old one of Tomasz's!!

    I think they just might go out and buy a few clothes for her now.  :-)

  • Just lost a post!

    Lovely baby Lindy. Babies do not care what they wear, but it is important to parents.

    Busy few days. I am not sure what I have achieved, but it took some time! I did go to the dentist this afternoon. No treatment required I am happy to say.

    A lot of gardening going on on this thread. I must do some some watering tomorrow in our communal garden. Not half so much required this year as last, fortunately.
    We replaced the moth (or rather caterpillar) eaten box plants in containers with hebe rakaiensis. It looks good, and is well established now, but I must keep up the water supply.

    We have our annual garden party on Sunday, which I help organise. Also Gd is arriving on Saturday .

    Best wishes to all.
  • LINDA – Gorgeous little blossom.

    Calm today. We had no damage from storm. However elsewhere trees down, power outages in few areas and a towed caravan completely wrecked, duststorms near Sedan. Rain? What’s that? We had a miserable 2 mm. A message from Dau & Co that the Narnu Farm hayride on back of truck postponed until today.

  • BTW It is school holidays, hence no nanny duty this week & next.
  • Good Morning. Slightly grey & damp here today: stormy and wet could follow. OH has gone off to golf anyway!

    AQ - Sorry you didn't get a decent downpour to water the garden. Enjoy the holidays, with no nanny duty!

    Rosy - Congrats on not needing any dental work! - always a boost! Enjoy the garden party, its supposed to be finer weather by then.

    I'm having a day at home, catching up on things.

  • Just looked at your link to Narnu Farm, AQ, it looks great fun. Love the lambs in sweaters!

  • Two of our neighbours in Wales.......

    And something pretty I noticed on the beach in Criccieth...

  • Gracious, quiet on here! But I know a lot of you are busy. I've had a floor washing, dusting, laundry, ironing and emailing day today, in the middle of which this morning, I had a nice visit from sis-in-law bringing a sweet little dress (pink!) for Rosie, as she was hoping we might be going to see them tomorrow. She is now going to post it.

    Tried to watch some of the tennis after lunch but sad to say, I fell asleep, as I had woken up too early this morning.