Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019

  • Sorry,boring day here !
    I went to Lidls !!
  • Sorry - tired again. Nothing interesting here anyway!
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Yes OG, she is a TA with Early Years training and also mentors special needs students. We do have time together if she is not busy.

    Annette - If I find out any more I will. Also branches of the family went to Canada as well..

    Said goodbye to a cricketing /Christan friend whom we knew at our Cricket Club. Lovely service in the local Parish Church. Good turnout with the "wake" at the Cricket Club.

    Lindy - you have been busy. Enjoy your visit to son and family, I'm sure they will appreciate your help. No, I've not seen any spam either, but I have this page bookmarked so come in that way.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Just had a quick read through - thanks for all your news.

    Weather hear mostly cloudy with some sunshine and quite humid, supposed to be getting a bit cooler.!!

    Woohoo, England are in the Cricket World Cup final with a comfortable win against Australia., guess who will be watching the box like a hawk on Sunday - OH.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all: Family back in usual locations. I'm completely knackered after a long and tiresome ride home (thank heaven for podcasts!), but plan to be up early to watch the Federer-Nadal match. Will catch up tomorrow....

    Take care all
  • Good Morning. Good that you're back home again, but hope you can rest now after the whirlwind visit! Its lovely seeing family but can be so tiring. Enjoy the tennis.

    Rather grey here again but warm and muggy. Had to dash out a couple of times yesterday, to rescue laundry from sudden downpours.

    More housework and tidying due today, life is so exciting sometimes!

  • Morning all. Has anyone got some rain spare, we have not seen it for over a month now. When it is forecast says rain it has been going one side or other of our hill range.

    Visit to vet for annual vaccinations round one: cats 1 me 0! Going to see if SD can come over early to help as I also noticed that I do not have the strength to restrain them any more. Unfortunately no jabs means no holiday. Fingers crossed.
  • You can have our rain, FB! Today mostly dry, though.
    ROSY - I remember that the box hedge was destroyed. Hebe should be better but I'm no expert! I'm assuming that all is peaceful at home and the people upstairs have finished their home improvements?
    Middle daughter and Amy are coming here tomorrow. Daughter will make a vegetable quiche here, then we will do her favourite trawl of the bargain shops near me.
    Eldest daughter and family have been in 'Englandshire' all week, now back in Scotland and will travel North tomorrow. Youngest son in law is working on an oil rig near Shetland Isles and will be home again next week. My son is busy trying to sell whisky and coping with road works in Shrewsbury - all the local shops are suffering from reduced footfall :-(
    As you can see, my life is very quiet so have to resort to talking about family news !!!
    Regards to all

  • Heather, I think we all like to hear family news. It is what most of us are occupied with now.

    I went to Waitrose this morning to shop for a home delivery. It did not go well. I have never seen the stocks so low for a Friday. There were only two trolleys available, and I happened to pick the one with the wonky wheel!
    I spent my time apologising for bumping into people. Most were sympathetic, especially the one which I met for the third time. A 'partner' noticed my plight and offered to stay with the trolley while I finished my shopping, but that was then very pressurised (although nice of her). She then had to go away, so called a young man who pushed the offending vehicle to a checkout . When I returned, it was the one with the longest queue!
    I then did not have all my requirements, so had to stop off at M&S on the way home, so had to carry heavy shopping anyway.

    Sorry, rather waffled on, but it was very frustrating. The g daughter arrives tomorrow. I wanted to get supplies of ice cream, apple juice and other favourites of hers. Also shop for the Sunday garden party.

    Lynette, my OH will also be glued to the screen on Sunday. Not even the g daughter and the party will stop him.

    FB, cats always come out smartest don't they? Hope the SD can help. Good luck with that!

    Lindy, I think I should have stuck with housework today. Exciting enough for me!