Osprey Chat Thread for July/August 2019

Osprey chat thread. 

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  • Thank you Tiger. It's an exciting but yet sad time of the season when the eggs we have seen laid, have hatched and turned into beautiful young chicks, about to start fledging any day now. Then the females' jobs are done and they will begin their southward journeys once more. Meanwhile we must enjoy them!

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  • The osprey season goes so quickly.

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  • I thought it would be a good idea to record here on the OCT, as well as the individual threads, all the young with a note of their IDs and when ringed so we can quickly see the numbers for this season.  

    I’ll start us off with the ones I know:

    June 21: Manton Bay (Blue 33(11)/Maya)  #1: Blue 054(F), #2: Blue 055(M), #3: Blue 056(M) and #4: Blue 057(F)

    June 24:  Glaslyn (Aran/Mrs G)  #1: Blue KA4(F) and #3: Blue KA0(F)

    June 26:  Loch of the Lowes (LM12/LF15)  #1: Blue PT4(M) and #2: Blue PT5(M)

    June 27:  Llyn Brenig (Blue HR7/Blue 24)  #1: Blue KA5(M)/Roli

    June 28:  Dyfi (Monty/Blue 3J) #1: Blue KA1(F)/Berthyn,  #2: Blue KA2(M)/Peris and #3: Blue KA3(M)/ Hesgyn

    June 28:  Wales ON5 (Dylan/Delyth)  #1: Blue KA6(F),  #2: Blue KA7(F) and  #3: Blue KA8(M)

    June 29:  Foulshaw Moss (White YW/Blue 35) #1: Blue 3N(F)  and  #2: Blue 2N (M)

    June 29:  Loch Doon (Blue FK4/Angel) #1: Blue JT4(F) and #2: Blue JT5(M)

    June 29:  Esthwaite 2: (Unringed)   Blue 4N(M), Blue 8N(F) and Blue 288(M)

    July 00:   Wales ON4:  KC0(F) and KC1(M)

    July 01:   Kielder 4 (Blue 69)/Unringed)  Blue 229(F)/Corbridge and Blue 220(M)/Charlton 

    July 04:   Esthwaite:  (Blue 7A/Unringed)  Blue 298(F) and Blue 299(F) 

    July 04:   Keilder 1 (White YA/Unringed)  #1: Blue 204(F)/Cheviot,  #2:  Blue 203(F)/Chesters & GSM/GPS and #3: Blue 205 (M)/Craster

    July 04:   Kielder 2 (Yellow 37/White EB) #1: Blue 202(F)/Coquet and #2: Blue 201(F)/Chirdon & GSM/GPS

    July 04:   Loch Arkraig: (Louis/Aila)   #1: Blue JJ0(F)/Mallie and #2: Blue JJ2(F)/Rannoch

    July 04:   Kielder 3 (Unringed)   Blue 207(M)/Cawfields and Blue 206(F)/Catcleugh.

    July 08:   Bassenthwaite:    Blue 400(F)

    July 12:   Threave (Black 80/Blue KC)  Blue NK2(F), Blue NK3(M) and Blue NK4(M)

    July 1?:   Tweed Valley (White SS/Mrs O)  Blue 301(F)GSM/Luna,  Blue 302(M)/Buzz and Blue 303(F)GSM/Hope

    July ?? :  Tweed Valley -(New Nest)  Blue 330(F) and Blue 331(M)

    July 17:   Kielder 5A (Blue CN2/Blue FF1):  #1 Blue 208(F)/Cragside and #2 Blue 209(M)/Chipchase 

    July 2?:   Roudsea Wood:  Blue 295(M), Blue 296(M) and Blue 297(M)

    Total to date:  51      (  Male:   24  /   Female:  27  )   

  • In reply to Karen:

    A good idea Karen. Query Glaslyn chicks? (amended by Karen)

  • Thanks for that, Sandra.

  • In reply to Karen:

    Karen, I wonder if there perhaps should be a question mark after the sex of the youngest Glaslyn chick. We were told that it might turn out to be male, not female. The DNA results will say for certain. Apparently, the ringer had little to go by with that chick and in the end the tarsi size was the determining factor. However there apparently are some examples where that sort of judgement was wrong. In the past, a couple Ospreys somewhere in the UK were mis- identified as female when they subsequently had female partners and chicks a few years after being ringed.

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  • Hi Gardenbirder - the list of this season's young is a work in progress as there are still more birds to be ringed and if it comes to light that the youngest chick is a male, then it's sex can be changed to "M" :-)
  • Good Idea KAREN I was aboutto do the same frommy own notes but its good to have a list we can all share
  • Another two ringed:  Excellent update from Jaydee on her Kielder thread advising Nest 4 chicks were ringed yesterday. I've added Blue 229 (F) named "Corbridge" and Blue 220(M) named Charlton to the list at the beginning of the thread :-)

  • News of two more ringed at Snowdonia, FofO MB Nest (thanks and (posted by Keith Rogers on NFON thread) .  No details of date/adults but chicks ringed KC0(F) and KC1(M).  There was an unhatched egg in the nest.  List updated.