• Llyn Brenig - ringing.  North Wales Live has a brief report and an interesting video of the ringing.  It looks as though there was also an unhatched egg which they retrieved.

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  • Update from Threave - I don't know much about this nest, but think the regular male Black 80(06) has paired with a ringed female, but they haven't been able to read the ring.  I assume that Blue KC(09) f did not return if they are unable to id the current female.

    The female disappeared this morning for a short while and came back very wet. She spent much of the next hour or so drying off on the dead tree to the left of the nest, giving visitors good views. She was flaunting her ring, but even at 60x magnification it just wasn't possible to make out the letters.

    Interesting report from visiting birdwatchers of an osprey hanging round this week on the bombing target offshore at Sandyhills. Seen on three different days.

    Report and photo by David, Osprey Volunteer.

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  • Threave - Friends of Threave Osprey FB page

    The Saturday girl had a good shift.

    There was a steady flow of visitors. We had a family visiting the area for the weekend. They were all having a bit of rest and recuperation after their son’s final exam.

    It’s also really nice that we are at the stage in the season where there are plenty of “ weel kent “ visitors coming back to check in on the Osprey .

    The wildlife itself was very settled but that changed with the weather and became scarce when the thunder started . 
    At times we got good views of the Roe in the Island.
    The heron was about but then flew away after fishing successfully for a short time in comparison to other weeks.

    The female was on the nest just about all the afternoon. All three chicks could be seen in the first half of the shift on several occasions as they waited on food. The stronger chick, however, stayed down the nest and no wing flapping this week.

    Black 80 obliged and brought a fish in mid shift. He sat on the dead tree perch. All 5 settled into the nest when the thunder and lightning started. The lightening was spectacular to watch but it did cause the wildlife to shelter and visitors to stop.

    Just as I was packing up a peregrine made a very brief appearance on the castle.

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    A very well written blog. Thanks Valerie.
  • Ringing at Snowdonia Nest - Friends of the Ospreys BM Nest. Two chicks ringed KC0 (Female) and KC1 (Male) and also an unhatched egg in the nest. This is great news after the failure of the nest last season due to land management problems. Think that is 11 chicks known for wales this year maybe lost count. If so is this the most in a season in Wales.
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    That is a good number indeed for Wales this year, which should hopefully see 3 or 4 returnees in a couple of years time.

    Richard B

  • From Llyn Brenig fb - B24/HR7's chick KA5 has his name. A very short vid of him nipping Tony, the ringer


  • Thanks, Sandra. That chick of Blue 24's is wonderfully feisty! I feel sorry for the ringer though--must have been painful!

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    You're welcome Ann :) Great to see the chick like that, poor Tony though!