Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 June 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

Raining and raining and raining here.

  • Diane: Thank you.  Geez. Do you have moss growing up your legs?  The sun came out here this morning around 11:30 and is still out!

    Lindybird:  Another milestone under your belt (not to mention chocolate cake).

    Lynette; That HAS been a long haul with the house.  Hope your daughter feels okay with the move to Reception....

  • Hey there! We're back. Thanks to the techy folks. Have a good Monday everyone.
  • Just wrote a long post, only to be told I had to log in before it would post, now I've lost it... <sigh>

    Good Morning.

  • LINDY That is Monday for you!!!
  • Thank you DIANE for starting a new week. I hope the project is going well.

    LINDA- I lose a post approx once a week when I forget which day and don't notice I am required to log in.

    I wondered yesterday if the cold had got to the thread when I could not open Chat but another unrelated thread would open. Mysterious techy stuff. Yesterday morn was cold as I scraped ice off car before going to church. Min temp yesterday was 0.3, today even colder -0.2. Minus!!! It’s crept up to 12 C. I’ve told OH he won’t need a blanket tonight with a hearty min of 7 C. LOL

  • Good that we are back! It was a weird down-time - so inconsistent across threads in the forum. New sign in day also seems inconsistent - and can change while one is typing!

    Had a good weekend - plenty of garden time - although wind did start to blow Sunday teatime. Went to church in the morning - had a very Anglican preacher - using the old prayer book for most of his service - think he must be a non-ordained RAF padre, if there is such a thing!

    Didn't go to the garden party Saturday - decided our priority was in our own garden!

    J is unwell - not sure what is going on with him. We are both fed up with him!
  • Hey, Annette and anyone interested:  SpaceX is going to LAUNCH that super-huge Falcon Heavy rocket tonight from Florida (weather permitting). They will attempt to recover the two side boosters at Cape Canaveral and the center core on their drone ship in the Atlantic. Should be quite a sight. Tonight at 8:30 p.m. in California and 4:30 a.m. in the wee morning in U.K. 

    OG: I've sent you a Facebook message. I'm sorry about J.

    Hello to everyone. 

  • Tried to reply 2 hours ago, but it wouldn't post.

    Thanks for starting us off again, Diane. And for the heads up about the launch.

    Been gardening and catching up on h.work. My OH has helped by doing lots of hoovering. He is just off to the surgery to have the row of stitches removed, from his minor surgery on the blotch on his chest.

  • You and OH sound exasperated, OG. Life at your place can't be easy at present x
  • Morning all:   I lost posts to logging in before I got in the habit of copying them before I did the logging in thing.

    Diane: Thanks for the SpaceX info. I'll tune in for sure.  Those super-heavy Falcons are something else in the noise department.  So landing two boosters back at launch site and the big one at sea, eh?  They're nothing if not ambitious and when you see them all cheering and whooping, they're all so young!

    OG:  Also sorry to hear that J is unwell, especially as it's apparently not obvious why.  I understand the frustration with what seems like one thing after another.....     Is he just depressed do you think?   Your comment re the padre had me wondering what non-Anglican types are like.  :-)   I also got a lot done in the garden this weekend.  Can't believe how many trimmings, etc. you can generate for not a lot of obvious change.  I dd re-pot some succulents, especially one prickly aloe that is gorgeous but prickly Blue Glow Agave and divided an unruly Christmas cactus into three.

    AQ:  Ice is nice but what about rainfall?

    Off to sort out the world