DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - June 2019

We carry on in the absence of dearest EJ (RIP):

Courtesy of MIKE but he may not remember this particular wet morning ;-*


No-one seen overnight.

DAYCAM 03:55

We had a Stonechat !!!

It came back again and again to the same perch, this is one example:

And another:

Then it chose a different perch !!!  Sensational ;)

One outage:

That's up to 14:25.

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  • The more I look at that wee visitor the more I think it is the return of Scylla's stonestart.
  • Scylla, thank you for starting the new thread for June and thank you for your lovely snaps of the little birdie on the nest.
    I went to Loch Garten today, my first visit to the Osprey Centre this season. I'll save this space to share my photos and tell you about my day. I am still sorting some photos but when ready will add them here.

    EDIT: A report and photos of my visit

    It was great to meet up with SheilaFE and Alison at the Visitors Centre and to be able to catch up on things osprey & non-osprey. So lovely to be greeted by Blair at the reception kiosk and to hear about the wildlife in the reserve. I was so happy to see Fergus back at LG as the Visitor Experience Manager and Mike, who has been a volunteer and great contributor for more than ten years. 

    No one we have spoken to can explain why no ospreys have taken residence at LG this season. The question we have been asking ourselves is where are all the intruders who caused so much havoc last year and the year before? Perhaps the fact that established pairs are busy with their young accounts for fewer sightings, but the young adults returning this year, where are they? It certainly felt strange visiting and no resident ospreys to see but there is so much to see and enjoy and that’s what we did.

    First thing you see to your left before you enter the VC is the Bird Feeder and sitting area where you can watch the little birdies and squirrels. There were a lot of young and adult siskins on the feeder as well as chaffinches and blue tits. 

    This is the feeder you see online and a young sisking feeding on peanuts.

    I took this snapshot on scroll back when I got home. I don't think I was that lucky to find exactly the same bird I photographed though.

    Not visible through the bird feeder camera, there is another feeder where you often see red squirrels and great spotted woodpeckers too.

    As you walk into the VC there are two big screens which would normally show the nest and the wide view from the camera mast. This time we could see the wide view and next to it Gloria, the goldeneye, sitting on about twelve eggs hidden under the fluffy down feathers. 

    There is an exhibition celebrating their 60th Birthday (photos on Facebook) with some very interesting information, original documents and photos. I was so pleased to see that amongst the photos there is one of Nimrod Mifsud, who I have had the privilege to meet many times when he volunteered. He is a conservationist and an amazing artist, he painted a big backdrop for photos where you can literally be one of EJ's chick. 

    The nest through the digiscope, the tall grass that desperately needs cutting. Low maintenance garden! Come on, ospreys out there!

    Another familiar photo but now you can see what was called the Fish Perch. Thank you to Alison who kindly showed it to me again this year.

    This one (bottom) I took last year showing how covered it was and difficult to see.

    There is another bird feeding area with bird baths and feeders. Here's another siskin.

    Scylla, I swear I saw a female "stonestart" (redstart ;-) ) but she was too quick and I never managed to take a photo. I was also disappointed that my attempt failed with the crossbill as well. However, despite all the clutter in front of this lovely woodpidgeon, it was so obliging and posed for the photo.

    The board:

    But wait! I have a little surprise for you....I did get my osprey fix!!!!

    I went to Loch Insh to see the lovely pair. I didn't stay long but saw the two of them briefly.

    The female was sitting in the nest all the time, her head hardly visible. She didn't leave the nest once, which suggests she is sitting on eggs or there are chicks. I haven't heard from anyone more knowledgeable so I can't confirm.

    The male on a perch nearby

    So that was my day. Hope you enjoy the photos.


    Just checked on Facebook and three of Gloria's eggs have hatched

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  • You don't miss much, CRINGER ;)

    The shadow looks different this evening, as if the usual one has company.  I know, I know, you're going to tell me it's been like that for days 'n weeks ;)

    NIGHTCAM 22:56

    It's really fuzzy tonight:

    Just refreshed and there's a great improvement :)

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  • Hiya BIRDIE - I'd had the RF open soooo long that I didn't see you, CRinger was the last post.

    I'm really looking foward to your next appearance with all your news and pictures.

    I hope you've made a mental note that all the little birdies are now Stonestarts ;)

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  • Blue Carnyx screen, wouldn't refresh to nest, went to "permanent" link:


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  • Great to meet up with you again, Birdie, and I look forward to seeing your pics and report. I may have some additional photos to post when I get home, but I can confirm that the last sighting of an osprey was 26 May. I expect Birdie took a photo of the two white update boards which gave notes of other brief sightings.
    A big hug and thanks to Scylla for continuing to scrutinise the cam/vid in the hope of seeing some action other than growing grass and maturing dandelion

    Edit:  Very many thanks for such a wonderful on-the-spot report of our visit to LG.  Thank you so much.  

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  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    Thank you Birdie for posting such a lovely & interesting post. I feel so sorry for all at LG, and like everyone I can't understand what is going on and why there are no ospreys in that area. .
    I hope they are still getting plenty of visitors at the VC.
    Thank you also for the lovely pics from Loch Insh, a lovely surprise!.
    Despite you not having seen any ospreys at LG, it still sounds like you had a great time.

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  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    Lovely detailed report thank you BNN, and for the photos. Glad you at least saw the Loch Insh pair.

  • As the page refreshed I got a glimpse of red squirrel and thought that someone had found the feeder cam online again :)  But it was from your added photos, BIRDIE - thank you for them, all lovely (and most will be saved here, thank you in advance!), and for the report.  Nimrod *sigh* ;)  Not that I ever met him of course ;)

    The cam has had long periods of awfulness but is pretty good lately.

    Our shadow:

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  • I would like to hear Tiger’s views why the lack of Osprey’s trying to take over the nest in 2019, which is why I’m very worried about the future of the Osprey’s at this nest at Loch Garten in future years.