Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 April 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a joyful May!

Happy May Day!

  • Good Morning! And thank you to Diane for starting us off once again.


  • Thank you, DIANE!
    .y home weather station says that the outside temperature is 10° c but it feels cool in the house.
    OG - Good that the pain is easing, somewhat.
    LINDY - what a pity about the shoes. I can buy Hotter shoes online and know that they will fit. I'm still looking - keeping an eye on their Sale pages!
    I buy OTC meds for the occasional bouts of allergic rhinitis - I shouldn't call it hay fever because the only pollen that really affects me is that from huge lilies. I have a dust mite allergy but that is controlled fairly easily.

    I've no plans for today - eldest daughter may appear, we may do some shopping. I'll take it as it comes. They are very tied up with keeping an eye on her mother in law who was widowed last October and not coping well.
  • The London Marathon is now under way, in perfect weather - neither too hot nor too cold.


  • Heather - I'm a half size, so buying shoes without trying them on is a minefield. But yes, the Hotter ones are true to size and usually fit me perfectly.

    We're off for a walk with Bonnie now. Then back to bake a cake ready for tomorrow, as we go to our Youngest s to help with childcare whilst d.in.law goes for a scan.


  • Sorry I haven't made promised replies - very sleepy after a poor night - about four hours sleep! Did make it to church this morning! This will be a busy week for us so don't know how often I can contribute to the thread!
  • OG - sorry about your poor night. I'll look forward to ' seeing' you when you have time x
    Eldest daughter came today, we did some shopping and then coffee and biscuits here.
  • Thank you DIANE.

    I woke far too early – sun is not yet up! I managed two sleeps of 3-hours overnight even though tired after yesterday’s bus trip - more on that later.

    I hate buying shoes. My favourite comfy brand no longer made. Last pair I bought (after a long search) gives me blisters if longer than a food shop jaunt.

  • Just woke up, wondering where I was, on the sofa!! We were watching something we had recorded, after The Durrells had finished, but I think we both dropped off. I wonder if it's the hay fever pills, although it could just be the fluctuating temps.

    Sorry you've not slept well, OG and AQ.

    We enjoyed our walk this morning, when Bonnie had a game of chase with several different doggie friends. After a salad lunch, we read the papers as if there wasn't a To Do List, then my OH went to the allotment to plant his 2 new tomato plants, bought to replace the one which died. I've made a Victoria Sponge cake in a shallow rectangular tin, so I'll put some icing and sprinkles on that in the morning.

    May not have time to come on here, until we return home by the evening tomorrow.


  • Hello all, thanks once again to Diane starting the week off.

    OG - do hope that you can get a more restful night and that the pain will ease a little.

    Lindy - glad you managed your walk. I know what its like, you are watching something then drop off and wake slightly startled wondering where you are. Hope child care duties go well and that Dau's scan is a good one.

    Weather here is expected to be changeable during the week. Do hope it is nice on Saturday as Dau has been invited to a friends wedding. OH is commentating again tomorrow and Wednesday - one day matches at present.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all: A busy start today that included a nice leisurely poke around the new Target in Santa Barbara. I popped in there during their grand opening a few weeks back, but it was a zoo. I got there early today so it was very quiet and I was surprised at just how much merchandise they're offering in such a small space; it doesn't feel cramped. Managed to pick up quite a few things needed for the house.

    Today's Los Angeles Times had an article on the gray whale migration; no conclusions, just a variety of opinions on what's going on. Malnutrition is a factor, but nobody is sure why...

    OG: Take it easy this week and do just what's necessary. Don't worry about us.

    AQ: I hate it when I wake up too early to get up but too late to go back to sleep Hope you do better tonight (tomorrow? last night?)

    Am just about finished a book and desperately looking for something else to read. Seems like I had six books piled up by the bed and then all of a sudden none. I thought I'd reserved some books at the library but apparently not, so had better get organized.   Nothing worse than having nothing to escape into.

    Have a good Monday everyone. :-)