Daily Update ~ Loch Garten Nest ~ Saturday 20th April 2019

03:35 nightcam is still on and I am sure many have great anticipation and hope that today's viewing will confirm what some suspected yesterday - that we are indeed witnessing what could be the dawn of a new era at this amazing nest. Will the female we saw yesterday return? Will she be able to attract the attention of a worthy suitor? Time will tell. Some, but not all questions we have may be answered today.

  • Thank you for starting the first Daily Update thread of the season, CRinger. No doubt we'll be glued to the screen to see the BTO ringed female again and hopefully a worthy suitor for her. I would love to see her doing some housework, the nest needs some TLC.

    2019 LG Daily Summary - March - May

  • 5:58 large wing flaps close to microphone
  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    Hi birdie or anyone really- as I’m a relative osprey novice and blonde into the bargain lol could anyone tell me what a BTO ring is?? Thank you x
  • Hello Andrea
    Here are two links, to explain BTO Rings and also the Blue Darvic Rings
    These explain much better than I.


    Ringing generates information on the survival, productivity and movements of birds, helping us to understand why populations are changing.


  • Morning All - thanks CRinger for starting the new DU on what could very well be the dawn of a new era. I am hopeful and more so reading you heard the wing flaps earlier.

    Many questions and much excitement ahead - I can't wait on the VC opening and for the cam person to get back into action.
  • Small bird record - I think that is the stonechat making a fleeting visit.

    CRinger thank you for the thread, I thought I heard Osprey chirrups earlier but not quite sure.
  • I only heard flaps close to the microphone once. The 'new' female was perched on the camera tree yesterday for about 3 hours I think. It may be that she is still there now and will only jump on the nest if she sees a male. Alternatively she may have glided away and be off fishing. The 3rd possibility is it was a crow that perched for a while. Hope you are right about the Osprey chirrups!
  • Morning all. I also heard wing flaps and it sounded like someone was on the nest cam post at about 6am.

    Cam has moved

    and back

  • Cam on the move :-)

    Edit:   and back to nest view as Moffer's capture above.

  • Good Morning all
    Another gorgeous stunning day up here in the highlands just checking in for any of our girl from yesterday activity hope you’re all fine :)