Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 March 2019


I hope everyone has a peaceful, happy week!

  • Lindy: I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend. Take care of yourself while you are grieving. 

  • BJane: Wonderful to hear from you. I kept seeing that very sad and ghastly coverage of the flooding, and I was worried. Terrible crisis for the farmers. I don't think the national news media have devoted sufficient time to the flood disaster and its ramifications. 48 inches of snow is a lot! I'm glad you've recovered from your fall, and it's good that you're keeping your head down and looking where you're walking. I have to do that on my land. I also have major spring yard cleanup to do. I looked at it all today and just shook my head. Sorry about your migraines. I hope they've stopped. 

    OG: I'm glad you were able to soak up some sunshine. I can't believe that you have rhubarb already. The trees are budding out here, but otherwise, everything is still barren. Nothing is green yet.

    Annette: Glad you found the mothballs. I hope they're effective -- you can blame me if they aren't. I wish I had a Target store here. I so enjoyed all of your stunning photos. That desert superbloom would really be a sight to see. I'd love to see it some day. I loved the desert marigolds and the California poppies. Those big palms are impressive. Thanks for posting the photos. That's very different from my climate. 

    Heather: I hope you had a wonderful time in Elgin. It's good that you and your family stay so connected.

    WendyB: The helicopter ride sounds fun. Have a good journey. 

    Forest Boar: I'm sorry you are enduring such a rough time. Best to you. 

    AQ: Oh, dear. Those cattle show costumes...

    Lynette: Hope all is well with your OH.

    Lindy: Welcome back! That toy giraffe is adorable. Your apartment that you stayed in sounds very nice and convenient for you. 

  • DIANE - thanks for starting the new week for us. I hope you are starting to feel somewhat better now. BTW, did you know that last week's full moon was the Worm Moon - apparently earthworms start appearing out of the ground at about the time of the Spring Equinox?

    Another sunny morning and reasonably warm - about average for time of year here. I shall be going to church with OH at last - final morning service at "winter" time of 11am GMT this week - changes to 10:30 BST next Sunday. J is starting to go to yet another church this evening; he'll miss dinner, but they are serving soup! We shall enjoy a meal he doesn't like - first opportunity for a while!

    I hope everyone has a good week - and that the funeral goes as well as one can expect, LINDA.
  • Good Morning. Beautifully sunny morning, here.

    Glad you're able to make it to church today, OG. Also, enjoy your meal!

    Diane, thanks for starting us off again. Do hope you feel better now. The giraffe is indeed adorable - he/she has sewn on spots, a black mane and a tail, which don't show in the picture! D.in law had her 20 week scan whilst we were away, and sent me a pic: all is well, and they're taking good care of her as she is over 40!

    We hope to take doggie for a walk in the park today, then I must get on with the ironing pile....

  • Morning all:

    Diane: I've seen coverage - I think on the NYT or WaPo websites about the plight of mid-West farmers. That's a hard life to start off with; seems like the floods have dealt a death blow to quite a few of them. Not sure how much is compounded by Trump's tariffs.... Why doesn't that man just disappear in a puff of smoke - he always looks like he's on the verge of spontaneous combustion!

    OG: Glad you finally got to church; hope J likes the new church.

    Lindybird: Have fun with the ironing; glad daughter is doing well.  When's the baby due (I can't count!)  :-)

    I think our weather folks have lost the plot entirely. It was dark and gray and rained - gently - at the whale count yesterday and on Wednesday we all woke up to pouring rain and - over the hills - thunderstorms; none of which was forecast!

    Saw coverage of the march in London - had a smile at some clever signs: Fromage not Farage. And If EU leave me now, EU'll take the greatest part of me.;  With Love from Me to EU, etc.,plus another one that might be too naughty to repeat here.  :-)

  • Enjoying the springlike sunshine here. Had our walk in the park and Bonnie had a few encounters with other dogs which she enjoyed.

    Always think that Trump looks ready to combust any minute, Annette! Can't be good for his blood pressure....

    At least you got some rain for the garden, Annette. Our weeds are growing because it rained here whilst we were away. Also, my OH mowed the lawn both before and after our holiday 

    Baby is due in July, which I suppose will come around faster than we're expecting it to. Not long now until the expected Royal baby makes an appearance, and expect there'll be a big fuss from the press. At least Meghan and Harry will be able to have a more relaxed life than William & Kate.

  • Had a few wee showers this afternoon so no garden work - but mostly bright sunshine - wish it was more consistent! J just set out to walk to church and OH is making our Country Baked Liver. Our service was long this morning - preacher actually persuaded congregation to discuss a couple of issues - and they did! So she didn't want to stop them too soon while they were actually speaking to one another. Enjoyed it.

    M&S tomorrow afternoon - should be quite quick unless I decide to visit HobbyCraft too!

    Was Heather staying in Elgin for the whole weekend, does anyone remember?

  • No, OG, only there for the day as they don't have a spare room!
    We had a good time, lunch at the usual place and the girls were so happy. Their ice cream and raspberry desserts were In such tall glasses that Isla had to stand up to eat it!
    A quiet day today for me, heavy rain showers but sunny just now.
    I don't like liver but know that you and OH will enjoy it. Hope that J likes the new church.
    DIANE - thank you for starting the week. I hope that you are feeling better.

    My amazing 87 year old sister in law (Canada) is back at home following surgery on 14 th March for fractured neck of femur. She can walk without her frame, hates all the fuss and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she will be able to bend over and put her palms on the floor soon. She could do that before her fall. I don't think I've ever been able to do that! My excuse is long legs and short arms ;-)

  • Hi all, its been a spring like day. Thank you Diane for starting us off. OH is fine, we wait another 3 months before another ultrasound check.

    We had an emphasis on home missions with two 10minute videos - quite enlightening but as that went on thought we'd be finished quite late but minister kept sermon down and then after prayers straight into last hymn. Church meeting on Tuesday, wonder what that will bring!

    Just wish this Brexit palava could all be over, sick and tired of hearing of it and seeing it on between 3 and 6 pages of a national newspaper, have they nothing else to talk about.

    Bjane - hope the floods subside soon and that you can get back on an even kiel so to speak.


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  • Heather: That sis in law of yours certainly is amazing! (I can still put my palms on the floor, but then I've got short legs and long arms, LOL!) Glad you enjoyed your day in Elgin.

    Lots of ironing done this afternoon, whilst I watched the ice skating on tv. Long talk to our Youngest, who is still planning their new kitchen, and is taking delivery of a new stove tomorrow. He is hoping to come up to attend the funeral of my Friend G, which is on Friday.