Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 March 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

  • Sorry I started the thread later than usual. It totally slipped my mind that it is Saturday! My sense of time has been messed up since we changed to Daylight Saving Time. I'm blaming the government! LOL
  • Diane: I just put a note at the end of last week's thread saying I was starting a new one. Great minds and all that. But seriously, hope you're feeling better.

    Heather: Thanks for letting us now about Lindy's friend G. As OG says, not unexpected. Still.....

    Busy day here; I too Ms. D with me when I ran some errands for her Mom. We went into Costco which, if anyone knows, is famous for its free samples. Must say Ms. D's eyes popped out at the various tastes they were handing out - she had 3 samples of mint frozen yogurt in between all the other treats. Fortunately, she's so polite and not at all grabby so got on famously with the ladies handing out the samples. Grandson showed up at 4 this afternoon much to my daughter's and Ms. D's delight (granddaughter and I knew in advance)., then took us all out to dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant. A nice day. :-)

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • Annette: That sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad your grandson took you all out to dinner. Lovely! He's a good man.
  • Usually, I start the week with a picture or a link. I hadn't planned anything this week, but here's an interesting photo I saw on a local wildlife site.

    This fella is a Hel*bender. Yup, the animal's actual name has a sweary word in it. That endeared him to me right away. They're also called "Snot Otters." LOL!!! (They're slimey.) They grow to be 2 feet long or more, and they live to be 35 years old. They swim in clean, fast-moving water in Indiana and throughout the Midwest and eastern U.S. Their population is declining dramatically, so researchers are studying them. Purdue University has established a captive-rearing program. They raise Hel*benders in a large aquarium so they can be released into the wild to replenish the dwindling numbers.

  • Good morning - and thanks to DIANE - or was it ANNETTE!

    Today looks more like spring - long may it last! I think we may get two sunny days! Sorry for folk who are flooded this morning!
  • This is the first morning in ages that we have woken up without rain. Maybe Benson will go out for a walk!!
  • Have a good walk, Dibnlib! Will you all go, since it's a nice day?
  • Thank you, DIANE!

    Yes, ANNETTE, I sometimes go to Costco in Edinburgh and yes - like all the free samples! I'm glad that you had such a nice day.

    OG - so I think that EE has done the projector for the very last time today? I think that you need his help in church rather more than a clapped out system!

    DIBNLIB- like you, I thought that we might get a dry day today but no such luck. Hailstones and rain then sun etc. Did Benson get a walk between the showers?

    Middle daughter and I did a trawl of local bargain shops yesterday. We found some amazingly good offers. We visited a charity shop selling DVDs , five for a pound ! So my daughter bought five and they all work. She also bought six wine glasses for £2.
    She looked happy!
  • HEATHER - Yup - he told them this morning that the church laptop driving the projector has reached the end of its useful life - it had two faults during the service again. But even though they might buy a new one, he is not going to be stand-in projectionist again - I could have been there with him on a nice sunny morning if he didn't have a job to do! BTW, we did have a couple of short showers later in the day, although I did take a walk around the deck this evening for some very pleasant fresh air! Good to read of your Daughter's useful bargains!

    EVERYONE: have a good week.
  • Evening all: Birthday party done and dusted and we lived to tell the tale! It all went very well. Managed to clean up bits and bobs as we went along so it wasn't a big mess at the end and then grandson BBQd us hamburgers after everyone left and we sat around and chatted and relaxed. All exhausted but I have to say granddaughter really knows how to get kids involved and excited about stuff (and she loves is). I'm now in bed at hotel and have put as many things in the car as I can (nothing valuable obviously) so I don't have to schlepp various bags and stuff down in the morning. Am planning to be on the the road as soon after 6:30 am as possible. Fingers crossed for an easy drive, though I may need a nap en route.

    HEATHER; Sounds like a lovely day with daughter - poking about charity shops is something my sister and niece do. I need some new wine glasses and I've found some really nice ones at our thrift shops.

    OG: Good that EE has finally put his foot down; hope next week is sunny and that you can make it to church.

    Have a good Monday.