Loch of the Lowes ~ LIVE ~ from 14 February

  • Wait...to clarify , just so there is no mistake, they fly over my house , and soar over and above fishery, but I have not witnessed fish catch .

    regards S
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    SunnyKate2 said:
    thank goodness the grass is on far side of nest or would really block egg view

    Once the Ospreys get back onto the nest the grass will soon be gone. It soon gets scraped out.

    Richard B

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    Gardenbirder said:
    I have yet to see an Osprey catch a fish

    The Osprey cruises in Poole at the end of August and September normally produce the goods on Fishing Ospreys. Quite a few are seen.

    It's just down the road, ONLY about a 170 mile round trip for you. 

    Richard B

  • Sorry, Sheena, I misunderstood. But at least they fly over your house!
    Richard, I, too, thought that the Ospreys might accidentally remove much or all of the grass by scraping and bringing in sticks and dried grass or moss or some other bedding material.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Welcome from me Sheena, I am up in Caithness at the top of Scotland, you have joined at the beginning of the mad time for us Ospreyholics! Enjoy.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    SheenaR1280103212 said:
    Hello I am new to posting, been watching Osprey for long time and had such a problem joining this community .

    Hi Sheena - welcome!  You were lucky to get in at all, a YouTube commenter I "invited" never got in and I've lost touch with her now

    Looking lush but dull:

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  • Phew...at least this new fandangled forum let me back in for another Osprey season experience. :)

    Looks like you are up and running and already have it sussed @scylla. Hope you are well and ready...for the, no doubt, bumpy Osprey road ahead

    The live feed cameras...all appear to be slowly coming alive...and currently look good .
  • First bird captured this year.

    I've queried "Stock Dove", so please ID :)  It was rather dark so this has been brightened.