32(11) seen this morning in Senegal

  • "Exciting news from Senegal! This morning we saw Rutland Osprey, 32(11), at his wintering site at the Sine-Saloum Delta"

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    Thank you Alan. Good news indeed.

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  • Great news, Alan--thanks!

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  • That is wonderful news, Alan!  I see that Tim Mackrill (Osprey Leadership Foundation) and other RW volunteers are in north Senegal at the moment.  I believe they will head to Gambia as well.  Hopefully they will see Yellow 30(05) on her usual spot on the beach too!  Exciting times!

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    Good news Alan, always lovely to see the Ospreys, whilst we count the days until March!

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  • Sheila wanted this posted,hope this is right thread, as links on other threads are all gobble de gook


  • Many thanks SK2. Am now on my phone... News in Bird guides magazine. Paul Stammers has won the accolade of winner of Unsung Heroes. He received several nominations which really impressed the Birdwatch panel.
    "Holly Wheatcroft said: Paul had volunteered (and later worked) with the ROP for more than 20 years and is retiring in 2018. While in recent years Paul has been employed by the Project during the summer months, he continues to volunteer his time during the winter, leading a work party of 20 people on the Lyndon Nature Reserve at Rutland Water. He makes soup for all the participants and ensures everyone feels welcome and appreciated. He loves to spread the word about the Rutland ospreys and often gives away books on ospreys to interested children. He adores the project and has put do much time into making it a success."
    If you have visited Manton Bay you will have met him! Paul was the first person I met on my first visit to RW giving advice and help. A lovely man, and a well deserved the award of using hero. Well done Paul.

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  • Taxi had arrived so must leave, but I have just noticed that another award winner was JD, volunteer at Kielder Ospreys. Pip Rowe nominated her. I'm afraid I haven't the time to type out what Pip wrote but it showed her dedication to the project Well done JD!! and thank you for your dedication here on the Forum

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  • I read this the other day but couldn't post Great that both Paul's and JD's dedication has been recognised. Congratulations to them both