Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 6 January 2019

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    Also used to crochet quite a lot. 

    Hello Heather

    Like you I actually prefer Crochet, and just finished six pairs of slippers,( my own variation on an online pattern) as when I made them for me, everyone said "Oh Me Too please " CHOL

    Thought you might like this one I did ( 17 years ago ) for Grandson has  been reused and is being kept by Daughter)


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    Beautiful! Used to call this the Shell if I remember correctly....

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    Used to call this the Shell

    Amazing how we soon remember" Work shell in Space (2Tr Ch2  2 Tr) "

    Unless using U S A ( 2Dc Ch2 2 Dc) 



  • Lindy: We live on a hill and accustomed to being in a cloud  when everyone else says it is Fog we are well accustomed to it.  May possibly have news soon on my B12 problems, positively, just got to try another couple of days to see progress - sorry for the NHS system which I admire but leaves many people out of the loop.

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    Morning all:  

    Exasperated in that they apparently launched a SpaceX rocket from Vandenberg AFB this morning. I was sitting up in bed reading and heard what sounded like a very long roll of thunder and just didn't connect the dots!  If I'd looked out the window, I could've seen the darn thing!  Grrrr. Hate to miss those things, but the launch, much delayed and usually much publicized by our local TV station, got "lost" in all the reporting about our stupid President and expected heavy rainfalls.  Anyway, it all went well, including the safe return to earth of the booster (on a platform in the Pacific off the coast).

    Lindybird: I think Forestboar has hit on some magical tool that regularly reloads old posts. :-)

    Forestboar: Hope you get those B12 levels sorted.  Seems like you've been dealing with them for quite a while.

    Heather: Geez. What you had sounds quite invasive enough!  Do you have to wear the splint on all your fingers?  :-(     Your exchange with SunnyKate regarding crocheting (and her post of that shell) went straight over my clueless head.  Lovely delicate work.

    AQ:  My sympathies.  California winters are perfect for me...  Saw that knitting link - but not sure about knitted pumpkin pie.... I mean, does it come with knitted cream?   We actually have a couple of knit/craft shops around here, complete with skeins. Nice you managed to sneak in and get pix of the church.  You were probably the talk of the Rosary group.  :-)   How come birds that eat power lines survive?  Or do they?

    Mike: Thanks for the Posh Links info.  I used to do them, but now I copy/past links and nobody has shouted at me - yet.

    Lots of banging and drilling noises from the house behind us, which has been empty since Thanksgiving when the owner's daughter and family moved out.   Fingers crossed we'll get a nice family in there.  Several houses in the neighborhood have sold recently; all bought by 30s-40s types with young kids, which is nice.  Have no idea how they can afford them.....

    Anyway, we took my car in for servicing yesterday so will pick it up this morning, then some errands before the rain arrives this evening

    Take care all.

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    AQ: I'm glad that Annette asked you about the corellas. I couldn't figure out how they were damaging the power lines, but I didn't want to ask. I even looked up the power company on Facebook, but their statement didn't explain. LOL!!!

    Annette: Sorry, I didn't know about the SpaceX launch or I would have given you a heads up. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I checked the Launch List, but I guess I missed it or it was a last-minute decision to launch. I've been distracted by the political crisis, and that's what I've been reading.

    I'm now under a Winter Storm Warning. We have up to 8 inches of snow coming in tonight and tomorrow.

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    That sounds one huge lotta snow, Diane.... keep safe.

    Annette - how annoying to miss the launch. I would be inventing swearywords, like "godeck" and "ohbyguminnee"....

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    Lindy: I meant to say: Congrats on the new baby arriving in your family!!!!!!!!

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    I posted a post -- 

    It disappeared, oh deared!

    Then it turned up......right at the bottom

    If you want a frustration, then, I've gottem!

    Later, it posted, hurray! And then it came back -

    And came back again!

    And then.......

    Guess what, 

    It posted again!

    Now, I'm embarrassed, it keeps turning up

    Like a poster advertising a poor, lost pup.

    How I wish it would go,

    Go and get lost, on this Site where nothing makes sense

    Where I somehow feel, the joke's at my expense.