LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Jan, Feb and March, 2019

  • Hi June, Lovely to see you back here. Fingers crossed for successful seasons for all of our favourite Ospreys.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hello dear Gabbers,

    it is high time to say hello again and let you know that we are well. Little Karl is a smart boy, and he loves nature. Karl is extremely fond of birdsong and squirrels (today we watched a bit television, something about a woman who takes care of little orphaned squirrels. Karl got all excited and made sounds of delight). Apart from that, Karl always shows his delight when he meets with our cat "Hugo". Unfortunately Hugo is not a cuddly fellow (at leats when children are concerned). Hugo is already an old gentleman and needs his peace, so this means for Karl: Just looking, not touching.

    I've chosen a few pictures, if you like.

    So you see: Apart from nature, Karl loves "reading". He has got a few books that he is very fond of, but he also likes browsing through newspapers.

    Karl wants to do almost everything by himself: Brushing his teeth, eating.... You can see what he looks like. Maybe you observe that Karl sometimes eats with two spoons at a time:

    One last picture: Karl went as a Smurf for Carnival

    Kind regards, Bente

  • Lovely photos of little Karl. Thanks for the update, Bente.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hello Bente, lovely to hear from you again and how lovely to meet little Karl, the smurf! What a cute little man, with his Santa beard! How he is growing up.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Well, checking through my Favorites links I have found my way here to these last posts on the Gabfest. I wonder if anyone will ever read this post. After we lost our osprey at the old Loch Garten nest, I could never watch any other.
    Now I am happy with the new nest and delighted that we have hopes of a family this season. I am checking in to see the nest two or three times a day and hoping for the best.
  • Hi June! Lovely to see you here and I hope you are well. I have been wondering about you recently, particularly now that it appears Loch Garten might actually have chicks this year, especially if the male there can work out that he really needs to bring fish whenever the new female requests it. And how will he cope when it is his turn to sit on the eggs? Fingers crossed that all will be well with them. I have been spending much of my time watching nests and reading YouTube chat on a few of them, but this thread popped up in my notifications or I would not have noticed you have revived it. I have not posted much on the threads on this forum recently--too engrossed with watching instead of posting, plus having other things than Ospreys to occupy my time (unfortunately!). Hope you continue to drop in here.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hi June.
    Great to see you around.
    3 Years since you last posted and much has happened during that time but not at the nest apart from the odd visit.
    The past couple of days look encouraging with Blue AX6 and his Non Ringed Partner and now with the arrival of the first egg.
    It has been 6 years since we last saw a chick migrate from this nest BLUE AF0 (WILLOW) last sighted 20 August 2016.
    Eggs in 2017 the year Odin went AWOL followed by eggs in 2018 with an un-ringed male known as George but he seemed uninterested.
    Ironically it was 2016 the year we last saw a chick fledge at this nest was the year AX6 also fledged from Glen Affric.

    During this time of inactivity at Loch Garten I have looked forward to Ospreys settling just minutes from my home in Dunblane at Argaty (Lerrocks Farm). Successful last two years and incubating at present.

    May I also say Hi to Ann (Gardenbirder)

  • Hi Keith, Lovely to see you posting here, too! Yes, great news about possible chicks this year at LG--it has been far too long since Ospreys have nested there. Hope all is well with you and yours, and that you are successfully coping with the peculiar times in which we live. And lucky you, to have Ospreys so close to you. Our nearest nest is Poole Harbour over an hour away and we hope to visit there late in the summer, but conditions permitting, we hope to travel to see a few nests a bit farther away from us before then.

    Kind regards, Ann