Hallo all:  Lots of cruise info on the last two pages of last week's chat.....Hope the new week is kind to all...

  • Thanks for starting us off again, Annette.

    Good Morning and Happy New Week to All.

    Dry here for now, after a wet night. Hope we haven't bored everyone with all the cruise chat. Going off to get some grub for the larder, later, and hoping to fit in a short walk before lunch. Sunday!  --  where on earth has the week gone?


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    Much quieter weather today.  'Tis dry, but I haven't gone to church with OH as he is doing the projector and when he is busy he tends to forget he has got me, so I feel abandoned and claustrophobic because I can't escape.  J is at home - ironing!

    LYNETTE - looks like a good package on the ship; have a great time.

    ANNETTE - thanks for starting our week.

    LINDA - glad you arrived safely - do take care on muddy ground when you are out walking.

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Thank you, ANNETTE.

    The sun is out! I'm inside, though. Maybe tomorrow if the ground is not too wet.

    OG - sorry about the projector etc. Is EE busy with it during the whole service?

    The phone has been busy today. Eldest daughter's father in law is terminally ill and he seems to be failing fast. He is still at home but no care plan in place, yet. Things need to happen!

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    HEATHER - yup - all hymns, readings etc are projected onto the screen.

    Sorry the family have worries over a care plan for your eldest Daughter's F-in-L.  

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Gosh, OG. Is that sort of thing quite usual these days?

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    Hi, HEATHER.  I don't really know what you mean; our church is way behind the times with use of technology etc - for one thing, we can't afford all the up to date ways of doing things!

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Sorry, OG. I don't attend church very often as you probably realise and didn't know that hymns etc were projected on to a screen these days.

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    I think the majority of churches have hymns and Bible readings projected onto screens these days.  It does save having to provide hymn books and Bibles - but it's also difficult for people with impaired sight.  And not easy if you are short and standing behind a tall person!  My church provides large print song sheets as well as using the screen.  At our more traditional services we still use hymn books, mainly because it's not easy to get an AV person for 9.00am!

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    I can see what you mean, PAT!

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    I'm amazed to read all this!  Although I can't claim to have 1st hand knowledge, as I only go to funerals these days. I'm pretty sure that none of our local churches do this.

    We've been very warm here, the sun shone all afternoon and I was sitting reading after making an effort walking this morning - it wasn't muddy on a good path, but there were lots of leaves on the ground which of course were soggy, so great care not to slip on them! We met a man who we've seen several times before, on a mobility scooter with a beautiful pale golden retriever who is a "companion dog". They gave Bonnie a dog treat so she won't forget them next time we meet them!