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    I think pumpkins are kind of an American "thing", but I have no suggestions for recipes.  My family just used the pie recipe on the can. Always very good. Also store bought, whether already baked or frozen to bake at home, are all pretty much alike and are all good.  The same with various restaurants.   In other words, I guess to me a pumpkin pie is a pumpkin pie and I love them all.

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    WOW!!!   Regarding the sparrow hawk fight, that is.

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    One thing that is different and kind of fun is to hollow out a 6 to 10 inch pumpkin.  To a mixture similar to pie filling add nuts and raisins, maybe some miniature marshmallows.  Place in the cleaned shell and bake.  Of course these ingredients could also be added to a pie if one wished.

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    Evening, June.  Sounds like it could be rather yummy.

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Hello June,

    thank you very much for the reply, and for your honesty in respect of not having a recipe of your own. What a pity for me because

    June Spradlin said:
    the pie recipe on the can

    and ,too,

    June Spradlin said:
    Also store bought, whether already baked or frozen to bake at home

    are not an option for me. Here in Germany rarely are recipes on the cans, and we don't have pumpkin-pie or cake frozen to bake at home, although there are many other types of cake to do so. My husband once asked in a bakery if they could not give it a try, find a recipe and bake and sell some, but it is so highly unusual around here that they were most probably not convinced. What a pity, because around here is an area where most people like a good cup of coffee with a good piece of cake in the afternoon. (My father-in-law and my husband can get a bit grumpy if they don't have at least some biscuits for coffee-time) So because of that we have lots of bakerys that sell really good cake. But in neither of them we've found pumpkin-cake so far.

    I can give an example how much people around here like cake: Many bakeries are opened on sundays. People don't just go and have coffee and cake there, but it is also possible to buy cake and take it back home. So people usually stand in a queue that goes through the shop and out on the pavement. One bakery here, where my husband usually buys cake, has a choice of at least 10 different cakes, and they are always fresh, even on a sunday.

    But nevertheless, thank you very much for the idea with the pumpkins that are filled. Maybe Karl will like it when he is a few years older.

    Have a nice evening!

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    Bente I'd like to be in Germany with all the cake shops! Going to try and make pumpkin pie myself and also pumpkin and ginger jam!

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    Hello bjane,

    yesterday I tried out the recipe. Thank you very much, the cake is soooooo delicious. Yesterday, when the cake was rather fresh, we didn't like it too much as the topping was very, very sweet. The cake "needed" one night in the fridge. Today it was really tasty. I made an experiment with the sugar in the topping. 480 g of sugar is so much. My husband had some kind of a shock when I told him this. So I covered the cake with three different toppings. You can see in the picture how I "divided" the cake:

    The toppings are as follows: The "standard"-recipe in the upper left corner. Then counter-clockwise first the recipe with half the amount of sugar. And on the right part with just the fourth part of sugar. I have to admitt: It doesn't look as beautiful as the "standard"-recipe, and it doesn't stick to the cake as nicely as a mixture with more sugar. But as for the taste, it is still sweet enough. Yesterday we had considered leaving the topping away altogether, and just serve the cake with whipped cream. But as I said: Today, after a night in the fridge, the taste is a bit different (much better !!!!)

    And this is how the cake looks from inside:

    When I prepared the cake I was afraid the recipe might not work, or that I had made the pumpkin with too much water, as the mixture was quite liquid. But after 10 minutes in the oven the cake "went up", so I saw that everything was alright.

    The cake is delicious, I will certainly keep the recipe and make it again. Thank you very much!

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    Oh my that looks yummy indeed Bente, glad it turned out for you.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    The cake looks great Bente! Enjoy eating it

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    Cake looks great Bente ... In all the confusion caused by this new upgrade I find there is no 'history' to look back on & therefore no reminder of Karl's first birthday this month ... Hope you have had, or will gave, a wonderful celebration!


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