WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

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    Annette - serves me right for reading posts before I'm really awake early in the morning!  But it did give me a smile when I realised you hadn't been close to a 'vegetarian fire'!

    We have had some rain!  Thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon - just in time to soak me as I left Hickstead after the forecast 'furnace Friday'!  It's raining again this morning and there's more thunder rumbling around.  Hope it stops before I need to go out in an hour or so.  It did mean we couldn't see the eclipse - I was really looking forward to seeing it - hey ho, I don't think I'll be around for the next one.

    Have a good day, everyone.  We can all watch the grass turning green again.

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    First rain for a good long while. Time to get the summer waterproofs out.

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    Guess we were in a big club last night. An hour before eclipse was due the storm clouds rolled in. Nothing sighted. We did have some rain during the night and some heavy gusts as well. When I checked the weather station I saw something I haven't seen for weeks: 13°C! Also the rain turned out to be a mere trickle at 34mm.

    I am now waiting to ring surgery on Monday to find out whether I need to see the doctor. I am hoping it is yes as this should eventually sort out a variety of currently unexplained symptoms.

    Younger SD moving in to her home permanently this weekend so we will see more of her then. She is bringing over the last of her stuff today.

    And finally we had some good news from Canada yesterday: we have a new great nephew, born 4 days ago. That now makes two.

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    As DIBNLIB says, heavy rain here in Inverness. Wonderful stuff!

    Lovely long post from OG - nice to catch up.

    Like all of us, no blood moon to be seen here last evening.

    Hi to ROSY,PAT, AQ, FORESTBOAR,ANNETTE,LINDY and everyone. Sorry for lack of individual replies.

    Son and family arrived at 3.30 am. I was worried about them but they phoned me from the Lakes, from Stirling and again from the A9. Sam carried luggage upstairs and then fell into bed, Bella woke from sleep but couldn't walk in a straight line and was carried up to bed and fell asleep again. The baby had slept for pretty much the whole journey but needed a feed 'Now!'!!!!

    All in the house is still, as the old poem says. Not for much longer, methinks.

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    Congrats FB & parents of newbie. I guess you aren’t on the roster for nanny duty LOL

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    Good Morning.  Slept in, after a tossing & turning sort of night, alternately too hot and too cold. Showers here, now - hope it's raining on my garden at home...

    Congrats to FB and family!

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    Good morning!  Rain – but not the heavyweight storms we were warned of, just some showers in the night, dry by breakfast and then another shower of good, light rain – best for the garden.  No chance of seeing the lunar eclipse last evening – and J was driving home from a folk session and said he saw nothing.  He really seems to have taken to this group he plays with, which I am really pleased about – although they did get a visit from two of his pupils last evening, but he said they weren’t too much of a nuisance!

    More normal day for us.  OH has gone to Tesco and will then go to the church to print the newsletters.  No service tomorrow as it is the joint Holiday Bible Club Service in one of the schools, so I’ll phone and ask someone to pick up a handful and take them along.  J will go out some time around lunchtime.  OH needs to touch up some paintwork on the shed and re-fix the gutter into the water butt, but I think that requires dry weather.  He will also need to pick a few kilos of ripe tomatoes, all brought on together by the thundery atmosphere; I expect I shall have to skin them to freeze for cooking – already did a few during the week.  Has anyone on here ever tried preserving cucumbers?  I love them pickled and found some recipes, but it seems like hard work and they still only keep a short time – don’t really want to be eating pickled ones while fresh ones are still around!

    Chrisy – re-read your post about M6 hold-ups - I guess problems were due to the lorry which hit a bridge near Preston.  I hope you will get some good weather during your time in Wales.

    AQ – enjoy your nap!

    Annette – I see on the news that there are some wicked fires well north of you – whipped up by tornado-type winds.  I wouldn’t want to be as close to fires as you were yesterday – hope you won’t get any more of them.  I haven’t really been so busy – my non-mobile role is a supervisory one!

    Pat – received your email – OH will probably write the reply as he did most of the research!  Sorry you got wet yesterday, but pleased your grass got some rain!  Hope you can get out and about dry through the weekend doing the things you need to do – much better when the rain keeps to night time!

    FB – still very warm here and another uncomfortable night, but good to have had some rain.  I hope you will soon get some medical answers instead of just more questions.  Glad your younger SD is now moved in – that has taken a very long time!  Congrats on Great-Nephew – do they ever travel over to the UK for you to see the boys?  We are looking forward to meeting up with the Grandsons and Wives tomorrow together with our Great Granddaughter, not seen since February, although we saw her uncle recently.

    Heather – good to hear that they arrived safely.  I hope Bella will have had a good sleep, so she will be happy today.  Enjoy Sam’s company!

    Linda – enjoy the weekend away!  How I remember the scent of “wet dog in caravan” ( but that was just a tourer)!

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Thanks everyone for congrats. We have a family group on Facebook and now have a picture of him.

    AQ: I think it is a bit far to commute!!!

    OG: Everything was planned for OH's brother, SiL and the then family last year for this year (pre pregnancy known). Now it is just the two of them. They are over here now and we will see them Tuesday/Wednesday.

    Sun has now made an appearance.

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    FB    many congrats to you for the addition to your family. Lovely news.

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    OG -- "Wet Dog in Caravan" is indeed the prevailing smell at the moment, although we managed a half hour walk this morning. Also, my OH went out at 7.00am with Bonnie, wearing a raincoat and hat, and his ONLY TROUSERS: he insisted on bringing about three pairs of shorts, but only one pair of trousers, and of course then got completely soaked in them! Gladly there is a tumble drier available for our use on the Site, so he had to don his shorts and go to dry them off.

    We're both glad that I packed some light sweaters as well as the usual t shirts. It's not very cold, but seems strange after being so warm for so long.

    Saw that there have been some bad fires in California, hope it's not getting any worse.

    Have some neighbours here who just arrived: we've not seen them this year!! We compared notes and we've been missing them by one week every time we've been here! Coincided at last!

    Off to prep some veg as we brought two different kinds of our own green beans, and we're having some with mushrooms and rump steak tonight!

    Edit - OH has a pair of overtrousers, as he often gets wet first thing in the mornings, so he'll have to get those out!