Visiting Langford Lowfields

I've never been to Langford and can only make it at a weekend or on the odd day off work. Can I just turn up? I need to come by car, from Gainsborough so I don't want to come over and not be able to get in!!

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  • Hi,  Although public access is not allowed at Langford there is a public footpath around the site , public parking is not available either. If you were to ring the office on 01636 893611 and ask for a visit I am sure someone would oblige. The other alternative is we hold a volunteer Sunday on the first Sunday of each month and an extra pair of hands is always welcome.

    I hope this helps



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  • Hello there, Thanks for enquiring about visiting the Langford Lowfields reserve, there is a public footpath that leads from Collingham village or park on Cottage Lane and pick up the footpath from the sustrans cycle path next to Langfords small woodland. There are excellent views across the reserve, especially the reedbeds, from the public footpath that follows the entire perimeter of the reserve - a good 5 mile circular walk. As said in the forum please get in touch if you need more information,look out for the cuckoo and harriers and good luck! Cheers Michael

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  • In reply to Michael Copleston:

    FYI the "Google Maps" links on the RSPB main page are all wrong, and show Long Bennington which is south of Newark.

    Looking forward to coming to visit Langford very soon!

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your posting.

    I've just tried the Google Maps link twice and each time it took me to the correct location.

    Please try agaian and if you get the same problem then please let us know.



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    Yeah its taking me to the right place now. Don't know what happened there. If England wasn't playing I'd check it out now!