JL the Little Egret

Great news this year was that little egrets were confirmed as having bred for the first time in Nottinghamshire, at the nearby Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserve at Besthorpe. Details are on NWT's website  http://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/news/item/little-egrets-breeding-success

One of the ringers was Jim Lennon (JL), who also works for the RSPB on its Farmland Advice Focus Area in the lower Idle Valley and Isle of Axholme. The young egrets have been colour-ringed on both legs so that there movements can been tracked when the colour rings are reported. One of the egrets was ringed JL - a black L on an orange ring (left leg) and a white J on a green ring (right leg).

Little egrets from Besthorpe visit Langford Lowfields to fish in the wetlands and when I was guiding the public walk on Sunday 11th August I saw JL feeding on Phase 2. Jim was pleased to hear that his namesake egret was alive and well.

If you see any colour-ringed little egrets at Langford Lowfields or elsewhere, please call Jim Lennon on 07900 608437, noting the colour of the ring and the colour of the letter, what leg it is on and whether it is above or below the knee.

There is a photo of Little Egret JL photographed as a chick at Besthorpe NR, courtesy of Jim Lennon, in the photo album.