Sunday 14th April morning visit

Very much enjoyed the 'shot-blasted' tour on Sunday and good to see Yellow Wagtails and Sand Martins in such profusion. After the tour I visited Harmston near Lincoln and on the way back at Auborn we encountered a Red Kite very low over the road near the church. The kite was being mobbed by crows and I wondered if it could be the same bird seen recently over Langford Lowfields?

Cheers......Roger Benntt

  • Hi Roger,

    Great to hear that you enjoyed the walk with Paul on Sunday. The migrants are still pouring in, with more yellow wagtails, warblers, arctic tern and sand martins all over the bank.

    I travel home through Aubourn, a nice village and there is the odd red kite that turns up in the area, as there is here at Langford. It could be the same bird roaming around the vicinity, but I think it likely that there could be numerous birds. Sightings are increasing slowly but surely in Notts and Lincs, presumably spreading from the release site in Fineshade Woods, Northants. Beautiful birds too!


    Jenny Wallace, Assistant Warden

  • In reply to Jenny Wallace:


    Thanks. I spoke with Paul last Sunday about volunteering at Langford. I already do quite a lot of 'amateur' conservation work at our local nature area at Bleasby (just finished building a natural materials screen looking over our modest reedbed). I probably could make Friday or possibly Thursday pm midweek which I thought Paul said were volunteer days at Langford. The benefits of being retired! I am reasonably fit and am happy doing anything to help.


  • In reply to Roger Bennett:

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your interest in volunteering. We do run volunteer days on Thursdays and Fridays, 09.30 - 16.00. If you would like to join us then please send me an e-mail on and I will add you to my weekly mailing list. I usually send out an e-mail each week on a Monday or Tuesday, detailing the activities for that week.

    Hope to hear from you soon.