Seasons in Lake Vyrnwy can be magical if you’re lucky. Look at Vyrnwy through the eyes of an assistant warden, these are all my photos (Gethin Elias) click on them to enlarge.
Lake Vyrnwy is a beautiful place to work. There are many different landscapes to see in a place where the weather changes daily.

Hidden corners, places yet to be discovered or the same view in different weather.

A perfect winter’s day in the photograph below; this is Gadfa. Hopefully there will be lots of snow again this year.

A perfect morning to be counting grouse. It’s a truly Wow moment as the sun rises in the east and the first skylark starts singing and the world wakes around you. It’s worth clambering out of bed at 2.30am.

A warm spring day from the top of Moel y Cerrig Duon, looking down the lake. If you’re lucky a hen harrier might float by.

A carpet of blue bells seen from the purple trail in Coed Bryn Gwyn, reminds you that summer is coming.

The hum of insects in a colourful meadow, the smell of honey and a dream alive in Caeau’r Parc.

Dancing clouds on a breeze, the sky reflected in a pool, a feeling that Autumn isn’t far away: an upland pool not too far from the top of Bryn Mawr.

A late hay cut gives the best chance for all the seeds to drop and hopefully allow the meadow to flower well next year. Hay cut Dôl Gethin.

Autumn has arrived; scattered showers, ranging gales, vibrant colours and a leaf decaying smell that I really enjoy at this time of year.

And this week on the way to work I could not resist stopping to take another photograph of Gadfa in the morning mist. I said good morning to the Welsh black cows as I do most mornings and off I went to work, feeling happy that I work and live in such an amazing place.

Caru Cymru.

Gethin Elias, Assistant Warden

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