... yes it's almost Christmas!

I’m sure Christmas has started to appear on everyone’s radar now we’re into November but it’s been on mine since July when we took delivery of our Christmas cards, diaries and calendars ready for the Royal Welsh Show and our loyal supporters! We’re now knee deep in Christmas here at Lake Vyrnwy preparing for Christmas fairs, local group talks and much more. Each year Shropshire RSPB Members Group are part of a Christmas card shop for 6 weeks in St Mary’s church Shrewsbury, where they sell cards and calendars on behalf of a number of different charities to help raise crucial funds for them. We’ve been very fortunate over the years that the local group have managed to raise a magnificent £2k every year from their efforts. They have just opened again this year, so if you do find yourself in Shrewsbury do pop along and support the cause if you can.

Christmas Shopping at Lake Vyrnwy

Christmas also gets me thinking a lot about ‘waste’ at this time of year – specifically the huge amount of waste that goes to landfill. Working for the RPSB I’ve naturally bought my cards, wrapping paper and a few gifts from the shop here at Lake Vyrnwy; one because it’s easier (I’m not a major fan of Christmas shopping and big crowds) but secondly because I know the products we source have been carefully thought about in terms of being able to recycle them; being fair trade; palm oil free or FSC certified.

All RSPB Christmas wrapping paper is glitter free with no metalised paper; made from FSC certified paper and printed with water based inks making them fully recyclable. Our cards are also FSC certified and made in the UK; our food products are palm oil free and fair trade - some are even Organic! In short, I always feel better knowing that my shopping is guilt free and that 100% of profits go directly into vital conservation work, something I’m very proud to be a part of!

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Sioned Jones, Retail Manager

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