Glossy Ibis July 2014-

Here you go-  digi-scoped!


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  • Just dropped into this group to say great shot, S. I've seen the one who's been over at Loch Leven a few times, but only from a good distance away. We're back over there today so you never know, we'll perhaps get a closer view if the Ibis is there, but then again, probably not.!!


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  • In reply to Paul A:

    Well, hopefully you got a very close view, as it was down to 20 feet at one point! Nice shot Seymour, you can really see why it gets called 'glossy', can't you?

    Reedbed, freshwater scrapes, saltmarsh and wet meadow. Frampton Marsh has it all! Come and pay us a visit soon.

  • In reply to Chris Andrews:

    Glossy Ibis was showing very well on Sunday afternoon.  It was a great thrill for us to see it--our first ever sighting.

    Kind regards,