Frampton Marsh Monday 14th April

Paid my first visit to Frampton on Monday and have to say I was very impressed both by the Reserve and the birds on view. Highlight for me was the sight of large numbers of Brent Geese, a first for me.

Started with a handsome Greylag in the mornig sun

Greenshank and Redshank (nice to get both in the same frame!)

Nesting Coot

Avocet island

Lovely display of Brent Geese in flight - plus a solitary Oystercatcher(?) with an identity crisis!

Closer look at the Brents

and on the ground

Black tailed Godwit

This guy was sitting quietly by the side of the path preening. Snapped off a shot or two then edged past whilst his attention was elsewhere!

Little Egret

and finally a Skylark doing what only he can...

A great day. I'll be back!

Thanks for looking


  • A very nice photo record of your visit. Thanks for sharing.

  • In reply to Alan Crofts:

    Nice photos - I agree with your comments about the reserve and especially about the brents - they are great and make a lovely sound.

  • In reply to Bridgeman:

    Great stuff. I haven't been to this reserve (yet) but this just adds to all the good things I've seen and read about it. Btw the bird with the Redshank in pic 2 is a Black-tailed Godwit (one that's yet to develop much in the way of breeding plumage) rather than a Greenshank.

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  • In reply to aiki:

    Hi 'See gull', thanks for your comments and your lovely photos. Hope you come back soon.

    What 'aiki', you haven't been? To paraphrase the immortal words of Bill Bryson "If you have never been to Frampton, go there at once. Take my car. it is wonderful"

    (Actually, I'd rather you didn't take my car, else I'll not be able to get into work and open up the visitor centre)

    Reedbed, freshwater scrapes, saltmarsh and wet meadow. Frampton Marsh has it all! Come and pay us a visit soon.

  • In reply to Chris Andrews:

    Hi Ian, really pleased to hear you enjoyed your first visit to Frampton.  It really is a lovely reserve isn't it?  I went a couple of times earlier in the year and it's one of my favourites.  Your photos have brought back lots of good memories!  You did so well to get those skylarks in flight.  They were singing whilst we were there but I was just too slow with the camera to get a shot of one in the air!

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  • In reply to ChristineB:

    Thanks all for your kind comments.

    Aiki, thanks for the correction. There were lots of Blackwits around but this looked so different I didn't associate it with them. Plumage changes - yet another spoke in the wheel!

    Christine yes you were right, it is a lovely Reserve and I will be revisiting. Have to say though that Old Moor still has the edge, if only for the cafe!!



  • In reply to see gull:

    Can't fault your logic there Ian!  I've had many a scone and latte in the cafe at Old Moor - once round the reserve, coffee stop, then round again is how I tend to do it!!

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  • In reply to see gull:

    It certainly is only the (admittedly very good) cafe that has the edge. No comparison when it comes to the variety of birds on offer. Frampton always comes up with the goods if you're a properly interested birder.

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