Any Questions? Ask Away!


I'm very concious that not everyone is able to get down to the garden, and so I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to ask their wildlife gardening questions here. Join up, fire away, and we'll do our best to reply quickly.


Jacob Hunter - Garden Intern.

  • When is Flatford open?


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    Dear Wren,

    at present we are open for our 'Winter hours' of 9:30-3 on Thursdays only, plus for events like this weekend's Big Garden Birdwatch (28th & 29th Jan, 10-3).

    The plan is to be open every day from the beginning of April, though if the weather is good we may be open for some further days in March.

    I would recommend checking the Flatford Wildlife Garden website to see what's going on before you travel

    The Stour Estuary and Wolves Wood reserves are also reasonably local and well worth a visit.

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    I would like to buy a Stag Beetle pin badge from you, how can I do this please.

  • hi,recently had bark chippings put down to cover soil and stop weeds,the black birds are attacking it constantly ,throwing it all over the brindle border and lawn as well as exposing membrane,have to sort this daily,moving bark chippings exposes another area,what can i do?

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    We had a lovely time down in Flatford, there is always something on at the Wildlife Garden.  Enjoyed pond dipping. 


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    Hi everyone. Im not sure how to use this site. Im new. Im after advice with a baby seagull. He has landed on the ground to soon and cant quite fly. He is wondering around a busy street by the hospital. I think he is calling to his mum and see another young baby with the adult seagull on a rooftop. I feel so bad for the little fellow and i wish I could help in some way. Everywhere I have turned for advice has ignored me. Its like nobody want to know because it a little seagull. Is there anything I can do? Im scared of it getting run over or eaten by a cat :(

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    Hi Kelly

    I've copied your question into a separate thread of its own, which is now displayed on the Community Home Page.

    I hope you don't mind - if it had just stayed here, I think people would have assumed it was something about Flatford Wildlife Garden and not looked at it, because they didn't know it.

    I'm not a seagull-handling expert, but will try and find some resources for you.

    cheers, Sue