Flooding and Kingfishers - Request for information

Hello everyone!

Can anyone tell me how FDL is doing water-wise at the moment? Is it passable?

I am hoping to have a few hours free this weekend. I'd really love to see one of the kingfishers - I think there have been some sightings recently (Steve Dobromylski?)

Does anyone have any tips or information on sightings that they could share?

Many thanks.


  • Hello Mike,

    The water levels are going down, some paths are still impassable, namely Ferry South shore.

    Most of the paths/tracks are still very muddy and wellies will be needed in certain areas. The busway Tarmac path through the reserve is now clear of floodwater.

    Regarding the Kingfishers, there are two places where I see them at the moment, the first is Ferry Lagoon, South West corner and 2nd, along Moore Lake drain around what will be Kingfisher pond.

    You will need to put in time to spot them and keep your ears and eyes sharp, you will probably hear them before you see them.

    Good luck, let me know how you get on.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Steve.

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Thanks Steve - that gives me somewhere to start :-)