Moore Lake [Saturday 1st Feb]

Spent a pleasant hour in the hide overlooking Moore Lake (Midday - 1pm). A few highlights:

150+ Wigeon
7 Little Egrets
1 Oystercatcher
4 Pintail

And lots of gulls to practice my gull ID on. Lots of BH and Common gulls. I think there was a couple of Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-Backer Gulls, too.

I did start off walking anti-clockwise around Drayton Lagoon as I got off the busway but I couldn't see much there apart from two dozen Tufty's. Reaaaaaally choppy waters with the high wind and a low sun made it difficult to see things. Water was still high on the river out the back, too!

  • Also, had a quick glimpse from the viewing platform on the west side of Elney Lake on way back to the bus stop. Saw:

    4 Gadwall
    4 Shoveler
    11 Pochard
  • Hi Jack.
    There have been 5 gull species on Moore recently: black-headed, common, herring, lesser black-backed and great black-backed. I had all three large species on the same island a few weeks ago which was great for ID practice. There has also been a 2nd-winter Caspian gull seen a couple of times on Ferry within the past week.