Fen Drayton Lakes Sightings - Please post your sightings here...

Please post your notable sightings on this thread. Notable means notable to you - no matter how common! Not only is it nice to share, but we can use the information in our casual sightings records to help maintain a picture of species and numbers on the reserve.

I'll set the ball rolling:-

Thursday 3rd Jan

Black tailed godwit x c200 in flight over Drayton Lagoon/Elney Lake

Goldeneye x 4 Drayton Lagoon South

1 Weasel

Tim Fisher

  • Friday 4th Jan 13

    Golden Plover x 3000 over Swavesey Lake/Ferry Lagoon

    Black Tailed Godwit, (see my photo from other day on gallery) x 400 over  Swavesey Lake

    Common Snipe x 2 Ferry Lagoon

    Lapwings x 6000 to7000 across river end of Covilles Drain

    Kestrel x 3, (one squabbling with Barn Owl at Owl Box)

    Barn Owl x 1

    Wren x 3

    Mink x 2 Ferry Lagoon

    Fox Swavesey Lake

    Long-Tailed Tit x 12 Swavesey Lake

    Goldcrest x 2 Swavesey Lake

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Saturday 05/01/2013

    Common Seal x 3 (undisclosed location on FDL for now, sorry!),

    Mink x 1

    Common Buzzard x 1 (being mobbed by hundreds of Lapwings)

    Marsh Harrier x 1

    Little Egret x 2

    Black Tailed Godwit x (thousands)

    Golden Plover x (thousands)

    Common Snipe x 100 to 150

    Green Woodpecker x 2

    Great Spotted Woodpecker x 1

    Kestrel x 1

    Butterfly x 1 (red admiral or peacock, amazing)

    Wren x 2

    Fieldfare x 30

    Redwing x 5

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Monday 07/01/2013

    Common Seal x 2

    Marsh Harrier x 2

    Little Egret x 2

    Fieldfare x 50

    Black Tailed Godwit x 100s

    Common Snipe x 20

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Thursday 10th Jan

    Grey Wagtail x 1

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Thurs 10 Jan

    c850 Black-tailed Godwits, 29 Redshank and a large flock of Lapwings in the field South of the busway near Swavesey Lake. Flew off about 1400 hrs, I don't know what disturbed them.

  • In reply to Gordon:

    Saturday 12th Jan

    Kingfisher x 1

    Grey Wagtail x 4

    Black-Tailed Godwit x 1250

    Wren x2

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Saturday 19th Jan

    Smew - drake over Holywell Lake at 13:50

    Goosander - drake on Drayton Lagoon

    Bittern - flew out of reeds at Holywell Lake at 16:10

    Woodcock - flew over Holywell Ferry Road at 17:05

  • In reply to AndyC:


    All at North shore of Ferry Lagoon

    Kingfisher x 1

    Grey Wagtail x 1

    Chiffchaff x 4

    Female Reed Bunting x2

    Long-Tailed Tit x 12

    Fieldfare x 100

    Snipe x 1

    Kestrel x 2

    Canada Geese x 30 (Swavesey Lake)

    Greylag Geese x 5

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    My apologies if this is the wrong place to post...

    I understand that in past years Fen Drayton lakes have been a good place to observe starlings.

    It's now late January 2013 and I have an opportunity to visit - are there many starlings roosting at the moment?


  • In reply to Brian:

    Hi Brian,

    It's the wrong time of the year for the starlings. They start arriving after the breeding season has finished (around late August) & then their numbers build up through the autumn (usually peaking in late October/early November). They will mostly have gone by Christmas/New Year, the cold weather pushing them further west to join the very large flocks (c. 2 million) in the Somerset Levels or possibly as far as Ireland.

    However, don't let that put you off visiting! There is still plenty to see, including very large numbers of wintering wildfowl, good numbers of lapwings & golden plovers & the elusive bittern. If you're after roosting birds particularly, there are several thousand gulls coming in each evening and flocks of woodpigeons and jackdaws/rooks in their hundreds.

    Enjoy your visit & don't forget to post your sightings!