Waxwing Invasion.

Keep an eye out for Waxwings on FDL. There is an invasion at the moment all around us.

They are arriving from Europe and Siberia and may turn up on FDL, they are a impressive bird. Listen out for a lovely constant trilling whistling.

There is food on the reserve, Haws, Rosehip, Guelder Rose and Sorbus, plus insects and other.

Look for birds resting and preening high in tall trees.

  • When I first saw this, I got very excited as I thought they had arrived at FDL.    Then I read the post properly.

    However, we did see our first waxwings ever from the bus at Barhill.   It was a fleeting glimpse on a grey day, and, anyway, I did not have my camera with me.

  • In reply to Canoncolin:

    I regularly visit FDL and had been hoping to spot these beautiful birds but have had no luck. HOWEVER... they turned up in my front garden in Bar Hill and have been back on and off over the past week! There is a group of 20-30 of them that sit it our tree surveying our rather uninteresting housing cul-de-sac! Our house is near to the Bar Hill perimeter road with plenty of trees and they do seem to be sticking around so it might be worth people coming to Bar Hill for a stroll if they're trying to capture these birds. I'm still learning a lot with my camera so I'm sorry if the photos aren't great but if you want to take a look they are here; www.flickr.com/.../emma7070

  • In reply to emma7070:

    Hi Colin and Emma,

    I have been scanning FDL a lot lately, there are Waxwings on the site, I have been hearing them but not seeing them. It is impossible to follow them because of the high water.

    However, I did see a few today, 30/12/12 after I was speaking to Barry.

    I did manage to get one quick photo.

    Sunny but windy again today.