Wildlife sightings - June

I thought we better start a fresh sightings thread for the summer, now the original one has got rather long!

Please share your wildlife encounters at Fen Drayton Lakes, common or rare - not only is it nice to share, it helps fellow visitors know what to look out for and helps us keep a record of the wildlife here from month to month.

To start us off, here are some highlights from the weekend 1-2 June.

On the Moore Lake islands, which you can see from the hide, there are avocets, oystercatchers and redshanks with chicks. The avocets are up to at least 10 chicks - see the blog for a photo!

Other birds around the reserve: red kite, marsh harrier, hobby, buzzard, sparrowhawk, kestrel, kingfisher, swift, swallow, house martin, common tern, skylark, cuckoo, jay, lapwing, common sandpiper, blackcap, little egret, garden warbler, sedge warbler, reed warbler, willow warbler, Cetti's warbler, whitethroat...

Butterflies: orange tip, brimstone, small tortoiseshell, peacock, small white

Dragonflies and damselflies: common blue damselfly, variable damselfly, azure damselfly, hairy dragonfly, red-eyed damselfly, banded demoiselle

Mammals: hare, rabbit, grey squirrel and fox

Alison Nimmo

RSPB Community Engagement Officer, Orkney

  • 11/06/2013

    Kingfisher/s - flying across bay on Ferry Lagoon at viewpoint near main car park.

    Cuckoo/s - Male and Female, flying across same bay.

    Red Kite - across Ferry Lagoon.

    Pochard - a group of c.30 Females on Ferry Lagoon.

    Kingfisher - flying in front of Coucher Hide on Moore Lake.

    Fox - Moore Lake.


  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Some highlights from the Wednesday Wildlife Wander, 12 June:

    Butterflies: peacock, speckled wood

    Dragonflies and damselflies: loads of banded demoiselles along the riverside path north of Drayton Lagoon, scarce chasers particularly next to the path down to the hide from the Busway

    Reptiles: grass snake!

    Birds: one avocet chick in front of the hide, Cetti's warblers, reed warbler, sedge warbler, kingfisher over Ferry Lagoon, chaffinches singing beautifully at north-west corner of Drayton Lagoon, hobby, swifts, common terns, black-headed gull chicks on several of the tern rafts

    Alison Nimmo

    RSPB Community Engagement Officer, Orkney

  • In reply to Alison Nimmo:


    Ring-necked Parakeet x 3, Discovery Zone.

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:

    Sunday 30 June

    Butterflies: comma, small tortoiseshell, red admiral, brimstone, meadow brown, Essex skipper, ringlet, speckled wood

    Dragonflies and damselflies: emperor dragonfly, scarce chaser, four-spotted chaser, black-tailed skimmer, ruddy darter, hairy dragonfly, common blue damselfly, azure damselfly, variable damselfly, blue-tailed damselfly, red-eyed damselfly, banded demoiselle, large red damselfly, brown hawker

    Mammals: stoat, water vole (spotted in the ditch between Ferry Lagoon and Swavesey Lake)

    Reptiles: common lizard (look out for them basking on logs around the Discovery Zone)

    Birds (highlights only!): male marsh harrier over Holywell Lake, common terns feeding their chicks on the tern rafts, pochard with six ducklings (again in the ditch between Ferry Lagoon and Swavesey Lake), oystercatchers, cuckoo, hobbies, curlew, kingfisher, swifts, house martins and sand martins, red kite, treecreeper and a red-crested pochard (Moore Lake)

    Alison Nimmo

    RSPB Community Engagement Officer, Orkney

  • In reply to Alison Nimmo:

    Weekend 27/07/2013 & 28/07/2013

    Great White Egret - Flying a lot over Ferry Lagoon/Mere and Holywell Lake including rspb main car park.

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:


    2 x Great White Egret - Ferry Mere

    10+ Little Egret - Ferry Lagoon/Ferry Mere/Swavesey Lake

    Beautiful Buddleia near bailey bridge absolutely covered with Peacock and Tortoiseshell Butterflies.

    Greater Burdock now attracting Butterflies, Bees, Hover Flies etc and so attracting lots of Dragonflies.

    On the 12th - 13th August, we have the Perseid Meteor shower, we have had a few Astronomy Events in the main car park on the reserve, and is a good base for observation. Look out for the "Perseids" meteor shower on the 12th - 13th August, best on the morning of the 12th from midnight to Dawn, look at Casseopia, the big "W" in the Milky Way for the radiant. There is no Moon to interfere.

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:


    Bittern - Flying from Elney Lake to Holywell Lake @ 13.30

    Great White Egret - Ferry Lagoon.

  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:


    Great White Egret

    Little Egret


    Common Sandpiper



    Common Lizard

    German Wasp

    Jay x 8


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    Kingfisher x 2 - Ferry Lagoon


  • In reply to Steve Dobromylski:


    Great White Egret on Elney Lake

    Green Sandpiper on Moore Lake

    Hobby over Car Park