Burton Mere Wetlands

Had a great day there today (second visit after joining RSPB. Staff said a Little Owl was showing at the old Farm buildings. It was there flying between the building and nearby trees. Managed to get an image of this little beauty .......
  • Great photo and welcome to Burton Marshes  Ihavnt been for a while but intend to go soon

  • Thanks for sharing, Hal. Great photo and glad you enjoyed your visit, hopefully many more to come!

  • Hi Hal,

    Nice shot. I was at Burton Mere Wetlands yesterday and the Little Owl was still showing well! Other highlights included two Spotted Redshank in their smart black and white-spotted breeding plumage. A first winter Little Gull was resting on one of the islands in front of Reception. And the Shelduck 'humbug' chicks are growing fast and were swimming confidently around the Scrape.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. BMW is on my permanent places to visit list. Does anyone know if the path to Inner Marsh Farm Hide will ever be upgraded as I'm on a mobility scooter and could not use it ----- seeing the hide so near, yet so far ....

  • Unfortunately at present, there are no immediate plans to make the path to Inner Marsh Farm hide fully accessible. Due to the lay of the land, that would be a major project requiring substantial funding in order to bypass or replace existing steps with ramps. Of course, it is something we would hope to secure funding for in future, but in the meantime I hope you continue to visit and enjoy the parts of the reserve which are fully accessible.

  • Thanks for the reply Dan, unable to acknowledge till now, been ill. I will grin and bear it.