What's the latest news at Cliffe Pools?


I haven't been to Cliffe Pools since last August, or thereabouts. It looked like a work in progress at that time.

What's the latest in terms of the Reserve's development, and recent bird and other wildlife sightings?

Hope to hear from staff member or anyone who has such information. Thanks!

Kingfisher Fan


  • Hello to the new Cliffe Pools community Kingfisher fan!!

    We have completed the car park for 40 vehicles, gated the reserve, and now have a member of staff present all day Saturday and Sunday.

    On Saturday 10th April the reserve was buzzing with activity, cyclists, joggers, walkers and birders all enjoying the beauty the pools has to offer. The weather was excellent and there was much wildlife on show. It is an excellent place to be now and should only get better with the migrants arriving soon. Avocet, shelduck, redshank, blackcap, sedge warbler, and white throat all present to name a few!!

    I hope that wets your appetite Kingfisher fan and I hope to see you there.

  • In reply to Elliott:

    Elliot - Thanks for the update. Good to hear it's so popular.