Black-winged Stilt Breeding Success At Cliffe Pools.

Hello All, Another successful achievement for Cliffe Pools. The 24 hour security and work by the RSPB team monitoring the nest site has resulted in hatching a brood of four chicks, the first two early on the morning of Friday 13th June followed by another two. Happy Birthday .B-w S Cliffe 10 chick Happy Birthday .B-w S Cliffe 8 Chicks Two eggs hatched, still waiting for two more, time to remove the eggshells. .Black-winged Stilt removing eggshell after hatching Two days later and there are four chicks. .Cliffe 22 B-w S 2+4 chicks .B-w Stilt+4 chicks Cliffe3 .Cliffe 23 B-w S 2+4 Some moving and trying to lead the chicks into long grass. .Black-winged Stilt Pair--Cliffe Pools .Cliffe 27 The adults taking it in turns to go off and feed. .B-w S Cliffe 5 Black-winged Stilt-Cliffe Pools Making sure the chicks are safe and together. Black-winged Stilt-Cliffe Pools Good luck little fellows.