First visit to Campfield Marsh and the beautiful Solway Firth - 30th June 2017

I was heading up for a week in the Scottish Borders, which gave me the chance to visit this lovely part of the world on the way up - usually I live several hours' drive from it.  As I set out from my home on the Suffolk coast the weather was lovely, but sadly it deteriorated - by the time I reached Scotch Corner on the A1 it was absolutely disgusting!  Mercifully, though, by the time I got to Bowness on Solway the rain had stopped - though it was quite cold and grey.  I parked the car at the reserve - it was the only car there! - and went for a wander.

The feeder birds were much in evidence:

If there's a part of the UK which doesn't have chaffinches I've yet to visit it.


I did the shorter walk around the reserve, which was a nice little circular walk and included one hide.  I did spend a short while in the hide but everything must have heard I was coming - nothing was visible!  I did manage to catch this cheeky bird in a tree, though:

After a quick cup of tea at the Visitor Centre I headed for a drive around the area, having been reassured the incoming tide wouldn't cover the road.  There were several lapwings about:

As I watched the lapwings this lovely little bird made an appearance - at first I thought it was a reed warbler but I've since been told otherwise:

A lovely juvenile willow warbler!  Many thanks to Seymouraves, John and Judith for their help in ID-ing this bird.

Further along the road I had to snap this handsome oystercatcher...... well as this copycat lesser black-backed gull!

I don't know whether this crow is connected to the legendary Hero the Crow of Campfield fame, but it's a nice thought.

That beady eye is on me as it stretches a wing.  Lovely.

I'm finishing with a gorgeous pied wagtail - I can never resist these.

I enjoyed my first visit to this area but I must confess I hope it's warmer and drier next time.

Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.