In July we heard about plans by Scottish Government advisors Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to revoke the special conservation status of the Trump golf course dunes due to the damage caused to this nationally important nature site. We are exceptionally disappointed that our concerns have unfortunately come to pass. As the consultation on these plans draw to a close, we wanted to share our response to the consultation.

Trump golf dunes set to lose special conservation status: Our response

The original planning consent for the Trump International Golf Links was granted by the Scottish Government over ten years ago.  RSPB Scotland, SNH and numerous other conservation organisations strongly objected to the proposals and attended a public inquiry to express concerns about the potential impacts on the nationally important Foveran Links Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Although plans for a second golf course were in the news this week, the resort already has outline planning permission and the damage to the nationally important SSSI has unfortunately already been done by construction of the original Trump course.  The second golf course is outside of the SSSI.

RSPB Scotland has responded to the SNH consultation to remove the special conservation status of this section of the protected site, which closes on 4th October. The golf course has caused extensive damage to this amazing coastal site, including permanent direct loss and fragmentation (break up) of semi-natural habitats.  RSPB Scotland therefore supports SNH’s proposals to remove the special conservation status of this part of the SSSI on the basis that the special dune habitats for which the site was protected no longer remain and have no prospects of recovery.  See our full response attached for further details. 

It may be too late for the Trump dunes, but there’s still time to save triple protected dunes at Coul Links from a golf development – see our website for details.  Protected sites like this are incredibly important for nature!  If you agree please help by signing our e-action.

Header Image credit: Ian Francis

RSPB Scotland Representation Foveran Links SSSI Denotification.pdf