• Five ways to help nature this autumn

    RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor shares five ways we can help nature this autumn.
    • 22 Oct 2020
  • Going for a walk in bad weather

    Molly Martin takes us for a bad weather walk and shares the highlights of being outside when most people are inside.

    I’d like to start off by making one thing very clear, I don’t think there is such a thing as “bad” weather. I’m a strong believer in appreciating the outside world in all its wonder- even if sometimes that does mean getting a bit soggy. There’s a famous quote by Alfred Wainwright “'There's…

    • 19 Oct 2020
  • RSPB’s Gamebird shooting and associated land management review: A case study

    RSPB’s Abernethy reserve was once managed in part for shooting. Now we’re restoring it to make it a place that helps nature in the widest possible way.
    • 15 Oct 2020
  • Why we must have an independent environment watchdog for Scotland

    In less than three months, Scotland, and the rest of the UK, will lose the oversight of the European Commission and the European Court of Justice. These institutions have played an invaluable role in ensuring nature is strongly protected, by giving a voice to the public on environmental matters and holding governments to account. It is vital that Scots do not lose the ability to speak up and request action.
    • 8 Oct 2020
  • As autumn arrives…

    RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor shares some of the exciting signs of the arriving season to look out for.
    • 5 Oct 2020
  • Five autumn arrivals to look forward to

    RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor tells us about some of the exciting autumn arrivals to look forward to.
    • 28 Sep 2020
  • A raptor persecution cover-up, exposed.

    Ian Thomson, Head of Investigations, RSPB Scotland tells us about a shocking discovery which reveals lengths raptor killers will go to to conceal crimes.
    • 25 Sep 2020
  • Revive Our World Scotland

    Erica Mason, Policy Campaigns Officer for RSPB Scotland, talks us through the Aichi Targets for biodiversity, actions we can take for nature, and the first steps to Revive Our World.
    • 24 Sep 2020
  • Greenland white-fronted geese are on the go…

    RSPB Scotland’s Julia Gallagher tells us about her favourite winter visitors, the Greenland white-fronted geese, as she follows their journey and much anticipated arrival at Loch Ken.

    Following a summer breeding on Greenland, migrating Greenland white-fronted geese have embarked on their epic journey to spend the winter in Scotland via the shores of Iceland.

    Greenland white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons) are a…

    • 22 Sep 2020
  • A sea eagle called Victor

    RSPB Scotland's Dave Sexton shares some tales about Victor, quite the character and a celebrity in his own right.

    As the first storms of the autumn rolled in off the Atlantic, I was worried how the newly fledged sea eagle chicks would cope. One chick in particular. He was the first ever fledged for the Mull Eagle Watch pair of sea eagles in Tiroran Community Forest on the Isle of Mull. That pair had tried and failed…

    • 18 Sep 2020
  • Full of love for fulmars

    There's so much more to fulmars than meets the eye. RSPB Scotland's Shona Morrison gives us an insight into the fascinating sea birds and why they have made it on to her favourites list.

    Fulmar, or “an stuffan” as they are affectionately known locally, are one of my favourite sea birds.  When I go to the coastline, it is always the first bird to acknowledge my presence with a close, eye level, stiff…

    • 14 Sep 2020
  • Fife welcomes a new white-tailed sea eaglet

    Scott Shanks, Conservation Officer, shares the exciting news of sea eagle breeding success on the east coast of Scotland.
    • 10 Sep 2020
  • The magical Forth

    RSPB Scotland's David Hunt shares with us his love of RSPB Skinflats and why this reserve is such an important place for nature and nature recovery

    The changing seasons

    Late summer is a mesmerising time in the natural world. The swallows and sand martins that swirled around me were a classic summer spectacle. The presence of juveniles in the feeding frenzy  though, with their maiden Africa flight ahead of them were…

    • 7 Sep 2020
  • Actions For Nature top tips!

    Now more than ever it is important that each of us takes Actions For Nature, making choices within our day-to-day lives that minimise our impact on the environment. There are loads of ways to make a difference and even small changes can do a world of good! Here, some of our colleagues share some of their Actions For Nature top-tips.
    • 3 Sep 2020
  • Hen Harriers make history on the Isle of Lewis

    Robin Reid, Senior Conservation Officer, shares the story of the newly established hen harrier population on the Isle of Lewis, the first in recorded history!
    • 31 Aug 2020
  • Farewell to summer

    RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor shares some of the birds she is sad to see off, as autumn takes hold in Scotland.
    • 27 Aug 2020
  • Investing in a Green Recovery for Scotland

    Restoring and protecting nature can create green jobs and provide significant benefits for nature, climate and people. Isobel Mercer, Senior Policy Officer, sets out how the Scottish Government can ensure our recovery from Covid-19 is truly green.
    • 24 Aug 2020
  • The secret lives of corncrakes in August

    After a busy calling season, corncrakes have gone quiet, but they are still in the fields, raising their broods and preparing to migrate back to Africa. Heather Beaton, Uist Warden, explains some of the challenges they are facing in August.
    • 20 Aug 2020
  • A Nature Recovery Plan for Scotland

    Transformative change for nature is vital, but it is also possible. RSPB Scotland has teamed up with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and WWF Scotland to produce a Nature Recovery plan, out today. Isobel Mercer, Senior Policy Officer, tells us more.
    • 17 Aug 2020
  • We need your votes! Save Coul Links campaign shortlisted for Scottish Charity Awards!

    RSPB Scotland's Kate Bellew shares the exciting news that the Save Coul links campaign has been shortlisted in the Scottish Charity Awards!
    • 14 Aug 2020
  • Another successful year for the Loch Insh ospreys

    Pete Moore, Warden at RSPB Insh Marshes shares with us the story of the ospreys at Loch Insh, inspired by another successful fledging this year!
    • 11 Aug 2020
  • Licensing of grouse moors can't wait five years - it must happen now

    RSPB Scotland's Duncan Orr-Ewing discusses the recent incident of a poisoned sea eagle found in Strathdon, the Werritty review and why we can not delay the licensing of grouse moors.
    • 6 Aug 2020
  • Pond adventures

    RSPB Scotland Volunteer Katie Monk shares the stories of wildlife living in and around their pond.
    • 3 Aug 2020
  • Five things to celebrate about Scotland’s nature

    RSPB Scotland's Allie McGregor shares five things to celebrate about our incredible nature.
    • 29 Jul 2020
  • White-tailed eagle illegally killed in the Strathdon area of Aberdeenshire

    RSPB Scotland's Head of Investigations Ian Thomson discusses today's news of a white-tailed eagle that has been illegally killed on a grouse moor in the Strathdon area of Aberdeenshire.
    • 27 Jul 2020