The Nature-Friendly Farming Network is an independent network of farmers and crofters committed to producing food in a nature- and climate-friendly way. Our policy officer, Anna Brand, attended their first event in Scottish Parliament last week, and was impressed with the positive atmosphere and the many people who turned out to support nature-friendly farming. At RSPB Scotland, we are so encouraged to see such a passionate group of farmers come together to raise their voice for farming that helps wildlife and the climate.

New network needs your support! 

Originally launched in England in early 2018, the network has since grown, and a Scottish steering group was founded by a group of Scottish farmers in the spring of 2018.

Hailing from across Scotland from Shetland to the Borders, the members are working hard to share their passion for farming with nature, and have a clear vision of the kind of countryside they want to see: one where everyone shares responsibility for caring for the environment. As a new network of farmers and crofters, they aim to represent those who share their passion, advocate for better government support for nature-friendly farming and crofting across Scotland, and provide a forum to connect with other nature-friendly farmers and crofters. At their parliamentary event on June 4th, they brought the message to Scottish Parliament that nature-friendly farming and crofting is the future.

Tavish Scott, MSP for Shetland and sponsor of the event, Lynn Cassells of Lynbreck Croft, and Mairi Gougeon, Scottish Government Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment. Credit: Martin Lines

And they are also planning to be at Royal Highland Show on 20-23rd June. Look out for them if you’re planning to be there; they have lots to say and plenty of inspiration to provide.

So we really think that the Nature Friendly Farming Network deserves your support! If you are a farmer or crofter and feel that the network might be for you, why not join? More information can be found here: And members of the public can join too! If you’re not a farmer, but would like to support the network and see more nature-friendly food and farming, you can also join as a supporter at the link above.

Header image shows Lynbreck Croft. Credit: Lynn Cassells