Eilidh Summers tell us about her work with RSPB Scotland as part of the Kickstarter scheme.

Nature and the environment have always been a big part of my life, and though I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up, nature was always going to be there. 

My connection with nature got me this job at the RSPB. With the Race for Nature Kickstart scheme, several other young people and I had the opportunity to work for the largest nature conservation charity in Europe, with colleagues who were also inspired by nature.


A fellow Kickstarter from Loch Lomond nature reserve, Rachael Harris, shares:

“What inspires me most about nature is its resilience, it always seems to spring back, whether it’s from man-made disruption or natural disasters.  The way that every species has adapted over time to its own environmental niche. And that wherever you go there’s almost always some small piece of nature thriving.”


 The internship was an uplifting and inspiring experience for me, and this was a sentiment shared by the other young people I spoke with. I asked my fellow Kickstarters if they would continue to fight for nature after their placement ended:

 “I think my time here has convinced me to fight harder, do more and raise my voice. I’m not powerless, I know how to reach out and connect with people, and now I have the right contacts to help me spread the word more.” says Bethany Spence, Brighton Office Communications Assistant.

 “I will continue to fight for nature after my job role ends, hopefully by continuing in the field of nature conservation and also by making more efforts in my personal life to be more sustainable and continue to learn more about nature and how to help it” says Rachael.


 Working for the RSPB taught me a lot, and I always felt very welcomed and supported. “This is an organisation that really pushes you to learn more, achieve more and aim higher than you would before” says Bethany. “I’ve been encouraged and supported through every step”. 

She goes on to say that “working for a company that wants me to succeed AND that regularly leads research in the conservation sector to help fight for the environment is a wonderful feeling”.

Rachael adds to this: “The best thing about working in the environmental sector is knowing that you’re working towards making a meaningful difference in the world”.

Main image: oxeye daisies  David Chandler