On World Environment Day, we’re celebrating the recent decision to refuse a major road scheme in Wales due to impacts on a nationally protected wildlife sites.

Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford stated:

“In particular, I attach very significant weight to the fact that the project would have a substantial adverse impact on the Gwent Levels SSSIs [sites of special scientific interest] and their reen [drainage ditch] network and wildlife, and on other species, and a permanent adverse impact on the historic landscape of the Gwent Levels”

This week President Trumps visit to the UK has also been in the headlines – a timely reminder of a planning decision with not such a good outcome for nature. The controversial Trump golf course proposals approved by the Scottish Government over 10 years ago resulted in ecological harm to the nationally important Foveran Links SSSI. Let’s hope lessons have been learnt since then. 

Things have certainly moved on with regards to the sense of urgency needed to prevent climate catastrophe and species extinction. Our update on the Coul Links inquiry earlier this week highlighted the welcome statements by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon regarding the climate and ecological emergencies in Scotland. Now the challenge for Scotland is to deliver the changes needed to safeguard our planet for future generations.

The Coul Links proposals will be a real test of Scotland’s ambitions to be a world leader in the environment. Coul Links is one of Scotland’s finest wildlife sites.  As well as being protected as a nationally important SSSI, the area is also a European Special Protection Area (SPA) and globally important Ramsar wetland site. Let’s hope the Scottish Government take note of the bold decision by the Welsh First Minister and stand up for Scotland’s nature.

An Aerial image of Coul Links

If, like us, you believe that sites protected for nature should actually mean something, please add your voice to our e-action and tell Scottish Ministers why they should save Coul Links.

Some of the interesting wildlife at Coul Links includes:

Northern Brown Argus. Photo Credit: P Kirkland

Small blue butterfly. Photo Credit: James Silvey

Portland Moth. Photo Credit: John Knowler.

Field Pansy. Photo Credit: Bob Gibbons.

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