Coul Links: A New Year and a new campaign!

RSPB Scotland's Senior Conservation Planner Kate Bellew reviews the campaign to #SaveCoulLinks so far and discusses the importance of taking action for this triple protected wildlife site against a backdrop of increasing global concern for the environment. The Coul Links public inquiry report has now been passed to Scottish Ministers. Please take action today.

Coul Links: A New Year and a new campaign!

This past year we’ve seen some startling headlines on climate and environmental issues.  This has been matched by a growing awareness around the world of the urgency and importance of the need for action.  In Scotland, some progress has been made with a declared Climate emergency and new Climate legislation. A recent survey confirms that more and more Scots are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. 

Looking forward, Scotland has a huge opportunity to shine, with two major international events (UN Biodiversity and Climate talks) happening this year, one of which is being hosted in Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that she wants Scotland to be leading in terms of tackling biodiversity issues. But, in order to do that, we absolutely must protect our internationally important sites for nature.

Our Campaign

Coul Links is a beautiful natural coastal dune system, home to many species of wildlife and one of the last areas of undeveloped, species-rich dune habitats in Scotland.  It is one of Scotland’s best sites for nature – protected at the national, European and international levels. It is a Ramsar site, SPA and SSSI.

RSPB Scotland is part of a coalition of seven environmental groups who have been working to help save Coul Links from damaging golf course proposals. See our casework page for details. A public inquiry was held in Dornoch, in Sutherland, in March last year.  RSPB Scotland and some of our coalition partners gave evidence to the inquiry.  A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us with the campaign so far but there’s still work to be done…

Urgent Action Needed!

The reporters have now passed their inquiry report to Scottish Ministers who could make their decision any day.  There are lots of ways you can help to #SaveCoulLinks. Take part in our e-action or write a letter to Scottish ministers. 

You can also help by sharing the campaign - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and like, share, retweet! #SaveCoulLinks #KickitoutKevin