Our Let Nature Sing Sound Takeover is less than a week away! On October 17th we want to bring birdsong to as many people as possible through Scotland and the UK to remind us all of our exceptional nature and to deliver the call that we must save it.

Read on for 5 ways you can be a part of Let Nature Sing day to show your love for our nature…

5 ways to get involved in the Let Nature Sing sound takeover!

  1. Play birdsong yourself

Wherever you are you can be a part of the sound takeover, helping us bring birdsong to people all over the country. Whether it’s in your office, with some friends, or you take some time yourself it’s all part of the action to make some noise for nature.

There’s lots of ways to listen – online, on our birdsong app, stream on Spotify or download the track.

  1. Visit one of over 150 places in Scotland taking part

From Dumfries to Orkney, Aberdeen to Iona, pure birdsong will be taking over amazing locations across Scotland.

Whether you want to explore one of our historic castles, go out for some shopping, take some time in the outdoors or attend a special event there’s loads of choice.

For a full list of venues taking part check out the attached document.

  1. Talk about it on social media

No matter how you take part you can help us reach more people and make more noise online!

It’s really exciting to see how different people are taking part and highlighting our incredible nature on the day – use #LetNatureSing so we can see and share what you are up to.

Being part of our call to save our nature online is also important to make the message more accessible – for whatever reason some people won’t be able to get involved in an event or make their way to a venue on the day – but that’s no reason you can’t be a part of our movement.

  1. Get the whole family involved

We need to save nature to do justice for future generations. Protecting our nature is a start, but we need to ensure we are working to restore it and ensure it thrives for our children and generations to come.

Whether it’s with birdsong bingo, baking, or getting out in your own garden, there’s lots of fun ways to make the sound takeover a family event.

  1. Take some time in nature

Loch at sunset, Cairngorms National Park (rspb-images.com)

If you have the chance, take the day as an opportunity to connect with nature beyond listening to birdsong. Whether you have a great local green space or you take a trip further afield, Scotland has so many amazing places to connect with and celebrate nature.

Listening to our let nature sing birdsong is just one of the ways to appreciate our wildlife and environment and deliver the call to prioritise it.

Visit rspb.org.uk/letnaturesing for more information about how to get involved in the takeover and resources to help you hold your own Let Nature Sing event or plan some activities.

List of venues.pdf