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The Secret Pond Nice France

We live near Nice France. We get very little rain here . It’s amazing what happens when you create a small pond in an old Pine Deciduous tree Forest. The pond is so busy it’s triggering 100 cam videos a day !!! I take water to the pond every three or four days because there is no natural water supply , it’s a desert here in the summer. BoarThere is a plethora of wild birds , residents and migrators using the pond, animals and mammals. We’ve had a Cuckoo, a Semi Collared Fly Catcher and a Wryneck visiting on migration. We now have a FoxBoara Stone Marten and in the summer we’ve had Wild Boars Boar. Unbelievable, very very happy for such a small creation to have such an impact. Small changes can make a huge difference. 

  • I enjoyed your secret pond, its clearly much appreciated. I hope you managed to keep up the pond throughout this past very dry summer. We're also in France but in the Var. We put out bird baths, on the ground as well as up in the trees and we must get a camera up to see what's visiting. A wild pig has had a very happy summer, it dug up our puit Peru, or septic tank run off, which runs across the lower paddock. What a mess, he's turned it into a nightly mud bath with yellow pipes thrown awry, and we have to organise having the entire thing re-built. Still, he's had a cool summer on these past months, I hope other critters have enjoyed the mud and water.