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bully wagtails!

I have several different feeding stations around my garden with different foods to cater for as many birds as I can.  Every morning I put out some live mealworms in two special feeders, one for small birds and one that anyone can access.  It's fun to watch the messy habits of the starlings who send as many mealworms to the ground as they eat.  The blackbird and a robin have learnt to be around at feeding time to clear up the 'crumbs'. 

Over the last few days I've taken to scattering a few mealworms on the patio right in front of my kitchen window and have been royally entertained.  I have a pair of pied wagtails and a pair of grey wagtails neither of which have ever visited me before.  The pied wagtail chases off any other bird who tries to feed, blackbirds, wood pigeons, grey wagtails, all are quickly seen off, even the female has a hard time! 


  • In reply to doggie:

    Interesting behavior,not something I had noticed at home but we very rarely get them on the feeders.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • In reply to Seaman:

    Hi Christine.

    I've got a pied wagtail that's been visiting the last four weeks, he spends quite a lot of time in the garden and gets on with all the birds except the dunnock who he chases away.

    Sounds like your waggy is a feisty little fella.



  • Hi Christine,

    I have had a pair of wagtails in the garden almost continuously for the past few weeks. They hardly leave the garden - if they do its just for a short time and they leave together almost bang on 5pm every day. They stay on the ground and "defend" the  ground feeders all day, jumping on and off to eat the odd mealworm- they dont seem to eat anything else. These 2 are like the Kray twins !! - they fly at any bird that enters the garden - they dont peck at them just fly at them trying to look bigger I think!! The birds do seem to be getting more used to them and seem less bothered by them now. Last year I had the same scenario throughout the winter - don't know if its the same 2 or not. Anyway I'm growing fond of Ronnie and Reggie -even bought them their own assortment of dried bugs that Im going to soak for them to go with their mealworms!!


    See my Flickr photos here.

  • In reply to welsh lass:

    Update on my bully wagetails.

    Thanks everyone for your responses.  I put fresh mealworms out every morning but not at any particular time.  The wagtails must be watching and waiting somewhere because they are in the garden almost as I open the door.  This morning the male followed me around, I was very close to him.  I'm wondering now if I could train him to eat from my hand.  

    Watch this space!

  • In reply to Christine Burgess:

    I have the same problem but with wood pigeons.

    Aim higher in case you fall short.

  • I’m fascinated by my pied wagtails, I thought I was the only one with a bully, he spends all day seeing off all the other little birds but the blackbird isn’t fazed by him. I was starting to get annoyed at him but there’s plenty of feeders and ground food for them all, so just sit and watch as to which ones aren’t bothered by his antics x