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Red Kite

  • While writing this reply I can hear a Red Kite calling. This particular bird loves to sit at the top of a neighbours tree, we see it every day, it often has arguments with a pair of Magpies who I believe had a nest in  the tree.  The Red Kite has a yellow tag which says 5C and I have been told it’s probably a bird from a breeding programme at Hatfield House.  It is wonderful to watch it circling around. 

  • That's lovely you have red kites near you! Such awe-inspiring birds, and the success story of their reintroduction is amazing. Some numbers if you're interested:

    • Early 1900s – only about 5 breeding pairs left in the whole of the UK, all of them in Wales
    • 1980s – only around 50 breeding pairs of red kites, again all in Wales
    • 1989 – reintroduction programme starts
    • Now – we now have about10% of the global population! In 2017 there were about 6,000 breeding pairs, and now it’s very likely closer to 10,000.
  • Red kite seen in Norfolk near Norwich 1 week ago, Second one i have seen here the other 3 yrs ago.. Thorpe wods area lots of Buzzards there, but this definitely a Kite...