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Abandoned blackbird fledgling

Hi I’m new to this forum so please forgive me if it’s potted to the wrong place. 
I watched a male blackbird feeding a fledgling on our lawn for a while, then it left leaving the fledgling. I saw it the next day and wondered if the fledgling had hidden in my garden overnight. Upon approaching the fledgling it scarpered into a bush below fence height so I realised it couldn’t fly yet and decided it was in good hands with the male parent still feeding it.
After three days of feeding it’s young one, the male never appeared again and the fledgling was feeding itself, bouncing around the lawn in our garden to pick them up (insects, seed dropping from the feeders, and water from our water features at ground level). It’s been about 10 days now and no return of the parent and no flight. I’ve managed to chase off two cats sitting on our fence due to the fledgling warning me by making noises similar to the adult alarm call ( one was at 5.30 am). I’m worried now that our garden is this fledglings world for as long as it can escape the local cats. Should I inform the local RSPCB/A?

  • The hard truth is that it's unlikely that RSPCA will want to take it in - you would also need to be able to catch it. You can try and contact a local rehabber but due to bird flu they may prefer not to take it in.
    It's highly likely the parent is still about and the youngster can fly but as yet hasn't worked it out. My garden is incredibly noisy at the moment will youngsters and parents yelling alerts due to magpies, crows and buzzards, not to mention cats, and scary butterflies - as long as the youngster has access to food and water I would not overly worry - it's obviously aware that cats are a threat

    Cin J