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Cat scared Bluetits to death?

Last night caught cat with it paw right in the nest box where bluetits have nested. Put a sparkly hairband of my daughters over it to scare it off if it came back over night. Have removed it this morning & put suet pellets out. I had a quick peek inside and the bluetit was absolutely still - would it be sleeping or has the cat scared it to death? Died of shock or something? Been watching the box & no sign of anyone going in out at all.

  • Sorry no one replied.

    Obviously, people opening a nestbox would be scary (more scary than a paw?). Disturbance of the nestbox is therefore not a good idea. Re the question, I doubt it. Probably froze because the nestbox was opened. Best to leave and see what happens. Hopefully, you've already seen movement at the nest site since you posted this morning.